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Male Behavior Patterns

Most men do not know how to sing to the guitar, play it, dance, perform tricks, tell fortunes by the hand, talk beautifully and a thousand other things that can impress a woman.

Many men, but almost all, are convinced that women need to give gifts, care, make compliments, that is, constantly be among her admirers. This pattern of behavior is inherent in most men. This pattern of behavior has evolved over the centuries. Even during the Renaissance, it was customary to give a lot of attention to a woman with gifts. Everything that was then remains now, and works, but not as good as it might seem at first glance.

How does a man usually behave when he meets a woman he likes? His actions are predictable. Constant calls, text messages, flowers, mountains of chocolate and constant walks with a romantic touch, which gives the reading of poems by the great authors of the past. Men at the moment believe that a woman can be won over by romance. Maybe once it was so, but now it's the 21st century, and women have become a little smarter. They take full advantage of everything that men provide. Sometimes girls cross the line, and the guy is simply lost and does not know what to do. It seems to be gifts, and attention, and already managed to hold on to the handle, but this did not lead to sex. So what is the mistake of guys who are trying to win the heart of a beauty in such a formulaic way?

Most women tend to think that every new man in her life is something new. But after talking with him for a while, they come to the conclusion that all men are the same. The same set of gifts, the same set of compliments, the same cafes, restaurants and cinemas. Nobody taught men to act differently, and they themselves rarely reach this point. Although it is quite normal to start working in a different way. The behavior pattern of men is similar to the operation of any apparatus. Giving the same input signal, you will get the same output signal. And if you start giving a different signal, then something will change at the output.

Men are prevented from starting to act differently by the narrow framework of perception of life. Most of the interests of modern men are incredibly narrow. Football, fishing, cars - these are the list of things that you should not start a conversation with women. These are hackneyed topics that you can talk about for hours with your friends, but not with girls. The narrowness of the framework of perception is not only in the interests. Many men fail to understand that life is as limitless as you can afford it. Having climbed into the narrowness of your little interesting life in advance, you have no idea what else you can get from it. New experience is always unknown, but without it there is no development of the human spirit.

Shot from the movie "The Taming of the Shrew"

Most men can't sing to the guitar, play the same guitar, dance, perform magic tricks, guess by the hand, telling stories beautifully and a thousand other things that can impress a woman. It's easier to buy her a toy than to give her emotions. It is no secret that women are emotional beings, they like to experience different emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Common impressions, joint experiences, and, ultimately, emotions experienced together bring a man and a woman closer, but few men take advantage of this. Having received a toy, in our case a gift, a woman becomes pleased, but only for a moment. By giving her more emotions, you can get much more in return.

It is customary in our society to court women. They appreciate it and sometimes thank you. Among what is commonly called "courtship" for a man is: giving gifts, going to cafes, going to the cinema (theater). All this is true, but for women something else is important. Cooking dinner, giving her a massage after a hard day, giving her a ride on horseback is worth more than the constant knick-knacks that men give their women.

Whatever a woman is, she wants sex. By giving her the best sex in the world, you can be sure that she will stay with you forever. A woman, like a man, loves sex. She likes when not the most decent words are spoken to her, she likes rudeness, she likes the male body. But they never talk about it directly, and they do it right. Men tend to believe that before sleeping with a woman, she must be conquered. You don't need to conquer anyone. Give a woman what she really wants and she will give you what you want. Most often, a woman herself does not know what she wants, so you can give her anything.

Committing the same mistake in relationships with the opposite sex is suicide. Why spend a lot of money on a “wrapper”, if development from the inside is possible and even very necessary. Many men are alien to pickup training and everything related to seduction. But it is there that they teach to be, and not to seem, real men. They teach you to take personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life. But most men think that this is a trick for losers. Well, staying at the level that almost 90% of men are at will make it hard to stand out from the crowd. And many don't even want to. It is much more comfortable to walk with the crowd, and it is better to hide your opinion away.