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Male appearance mistakes

Men make embarrassing faux pas in appearance and style. By doing this, they deprive themselves of the chances to please the girls around them. What habits in appearance make a man, in the eyes of a woman, less attractive and sexy?

Why do women often consider men to be dirty and untidy animals? It's not that we think a lot about sex and have poor control over desire. This is normal for a healthy man. The fact is that men make offensive mistakes in appearance and style.

Mistakes in the appearance of a man

Men's toilet water

The smell of a man says a lot about him to a woman. Too strong smell of toilet water discourages the desire to communicate with such a person. A thin train of men's toilet water attracts much more. Men's perfume should be expensive and of high quality. They buy it for a long time, so saving on such an important thing as men's perfume is unwise.

Man's stubble

Women love neat facial hair and hate under lip fuzz. A man may love stubble, but he must not forget that the main thing is grooming. Inaccurately protruding tufts of bristles look ridiculous. Few women like vegetation that is out of control. Most women hate under lip hair that men forget to shave off. Girls do not want to kiss this square piece of hair, so they avoid such men.

Soap for the whole body

Using one soap for the face, body and head is bad. Your body, skin and hair need proper care, and one product cannot do it. Many men are surprised by premature wrinkles, roughness of the skin and the absence of hair on the head (baldness). Save money on your looks. Girls notice when a man uses a good shampoo, body gel and facial cosmetics. A healthy complexion and the shine of clean hair cannot be confused with anything.

Hand hygiene

Girls are clean and letting a man with dirty nails paw themselves is bad manners. Bitten, long, dirty or cuticle nails look terrible. The cuticle is a leathery roller that grows around the nail. It must be removed periodically. Take care of your nails and hands. Buy a hand cream. Soft hands will reach a woman's breasts, but calloused and rough hands will not. Girls will be supportive of a man with well-groomed hands.

Hair on the body

Armpit hair is a past stage. It's time to please women with the absence of hair in this part of the body. The outrageous amount of hair in the pubic area, brings back memories from the distant 90s. A neat intimate haircut is much better than the wild jungle, where you can hardly find a penis.

Many mistakes of style and appearance deprive a man of attention from women. Do not miss and squeeze everything out of your appearance. Look like a million dollars.