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Male and female dress code

A business meeting, a wedding ceremony, a social reception, a dinner party and other similar events require a careful approach to choosing a style of clothing. Basic rules for men's and women's dress code.

10 basic dress code rules. A business meeting, a wedding ceremony, a social reception, a dinner party and similar events imply compliance with certain dress requirements. As a rule, in the invitation to these events there are special signs indicating the dress code.

The term "dress code" itself came from the UK as a designation of the prescribed style of dress. Etiquette established the following basic clothing styles:

strict (Black Tie or White Tie), casual (Casual), business (Business), evening (Black Tie Invited, Black tie Optional, Cocktail Attire, Semi-formal or A5).

What kind of clothes are appropriate for different events?

Formal events

For important official events such as an award, an international reception or a ball, options are provided "White tie" - formal suit, bow tie, white tie - and "Black tie" - formal evening suit (tuxedo), black bow tie.

For "White tie" a woman must be dressed in a long evening dress, high heels, stockings, you can take a small bag and gloves with you. Only natural jewelry is allowed, there should not be any watches on the hand. The man must wear a black tailcoat to match the trousers, a white bow-tie shirt, a white waistcoat, a white bow tie, white or gray gloves, and black patent leather shoes.

"Black tie" for women accepts a knee-length cocktail or evening dress, closed high-heeled shoes, a hat, and gloves would be inappropriate. Men are required to wear a white shirt, black bow tie and black shoes.

Less formal events

Such events include a New Year's Eve in a restaurant, a corporate holiday, a wedding or an anniversary. There are less strict rules for this dress code. The invitation may include the following dress code options:

"Black Tie Invited" - in this case, you can wear a cocktail dress or a long evening gown. A suit with a knee-length skirt or trousers is appropriate. The outfit is combined with evening shoes without decor or decorated with matching silk bows.

"Creative black tie" - suit, comfortable dress, flashy accessories are allowed. Men can wear a stylish black shirt and colored tie. This style requires classic shoes: for men - black shoes, for women - shoes with heels to match the clothes. Meeting, interview, contract signing

In the case of a business meeting or interview, dress code is also important. As a rule, we are talking about a mandatory business style of clothing, in which jeans, necklines, and sports shoes are prohibited. In addition, it is not recommended to look catchy (wearing massive jewelry or clothes in flashy colors). The bag, watch and jewelry should be chosen with taste and made of precious metals and quality materials.

Clothing should be strict, concise and elegant.

Business attire colors:

navy blue; dark grey; Brown; black; blue-green; beige.

Business women's shoes should be closed. Shoes should be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the entire outfit. The classic color for office shoes is black. You can choose shoes in gray or noble blue for a light suit, and for a dark one - brown or beige. Business etiquette does not allow white shoes.

Any other event

If you are invited to an entertainment event, a picnic or a sports event, instead of a solemn event, an informal style will be appropriate - jeans, T-shirt, raglan, sports shoes, etc. When attending such events, one should pay attention to the nature of the event. In some cases it is better to dress elegantly than casually.

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