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Making eye contact with a girl

All relationships and love begin with a look. How often have you caught the eye of a pretty stranger in a public place? How did the girls smile when you stared at them? The most underrated in finding, dating and seducing the opposite sex is eye contact.

In romantic films, a man makes eye contact with a woman, one of them winks at the other, and feelings ignite between them. Then acquaintance, love, passion and "happy ending".

Eye contact is a powerful bond between people that is part of interaction and communication. It is from this skill that we are lucky in dating or not. But most people ignore this type of communication, missing out on a good opportunity to get to know each other. But in vain.

Often, with age, many people become more perceptive and receptive to looks of sympathy. They notice better those people who are open to communication and do not mind getting to know each other.

We unconsciously look at those who we like, interest or care about. We fearfully look away, so that our sympathy or love would not be revealed. We catch other people's interested glances or shoot with our own eyes.

The look of a person speaks of interest, openness and confidence. If you want to be successful with the opposite sex, learn how to make eye contact.

Making eye contact between a guy and a girl

Why is the girl looking at you?

Does a girl openly look at you, cast a fleeting glance, periodically look or shoot with her eyes? What does it mean? There are two options.

  • Negative signs of a look. Is the girl indifferent, alert or tense? Her eyebrows are drawn together and she is frowning? Does she avoid looking? Most likely, the moment for communication is not the best, and the girl is not located for something more.
  • Positive signs of sight. The stranger looks interested and with notes of playfulness? Is the girl smiling and in a good mood? Does she look and bashfully avert her eyes? Is the girl appraisingly interested in you? Girl shoots flirty eyes? This is a sign of sympathy and desire to get to know each other better.

How to look at girls? Making eye contact

How to get attention with eye contact? How do you let a girl see you as a potential partner without saying a word?

Look at the girl you are interested in not too persistently, so that the girl does not perceive you as a threat to her safety. Take short glances and smile at the same time. Take a few interested glances. If a girl catches your eye, then smile a little wider.

Watch for feedback and reactions. If the girl exchanges glances with you, smiles slightly or a half-smile appears, then the initial reconnaissance in force has been carried out. See established eye contact as an opportunity and invitation to get to know each other. Like a good chance to break the ice between strangers.

Try to approach the girl to talk. If she responds positively to the conversation, then great. If she pulls away, then leave her alone.

No need to use hackneyed pick-up tricks: “Aren't your parents cooks? Otherwise, where did they get such a crumb from? Just say "hello". Less show off and more sincerity.

Don't discuss your views, it might disturb the atmosphere. Use the time to build trust and connect. Show your friendliness, sense of humor, confidence, gallantry and spontaneity at the same time.

All relationships and love began with eye contact. Are you still using the power of your gaze? Spontaneous acquaintances sometimes lead to something most incredible and beautiful.