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Major men's skills in the opinion of women

What must a man know how to unconditionally like most of the girls around? Now you don’t need to kill the mammoth, bring the severed head of the enemy, too, and bring slaves, to help with the housework, all the more so. Skills that every man who is suitable for relationships and sex should possess.

Despite feminism and gender equality, girls want to see in men the skills that are characteristic of the stronger sex. What are girls looking for in a strong field? What is considered important for women? What should a man be able to do according to women?

Basic male skills according to women

1. Male skill "fighter". To have a signature blow, be able to fight, resolve conflicts and protect from dangers.

2. The skill of a man is a "reveler". Open beer without an opener, and wine without a corkscrew. Have a couple of signature cocktails in stock. Drink, but don't get too drunk. To be able to entertain a girl, tell jokes, stories. Be the soul of the company.

3. The skill of a real man is “survival”. Light a fire, cook a barbecue. Focus on the area. Chop wood. Do heart massage and artificial respiration.

4. Male skill "handsome". Tie a tie, look good, shave regularly, shine shoes, groom yourself.

5. Male skill "huckster". Ability to bargain, argue, negotiate and solve problems.

6. Male craftsmanship "builder". Hang a picture or a shelf, assemble IKEA furniture, work with a drill or a hammer drill.

7. Male ability "car". Drive confidently, change a flat tire, and make minor repairs.

8. Male professionalism is a "getter". To be able to earn money so that you do not have to starve or live in poverty. Ensure the survival of offspring and be able to get along with children.

9. Male skill "athlete". Ability to pull up, run, swim, do push-ups, lift weights and bags.

10. Male experience of "lover". Flirting, courting, complimenting, seducing and satisfying in bed as "excellent".

And how many points out of 10 do you have?