Machete goes to the people!

Last Monday, the Machete group went down to the metropolitan subway and congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year.

Yaroslav Maly: I want to wish everyone in the coming new year to look at the sky more often, smile more often, do good deeds and never upset their loved ones, because they are the most precious thing in our life.

Last Monday, Machete's group went down to the metropolitan subway and congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year. On the eve of the world holiday, Machete's frontman Yaroslav Malyi performed several favorite compositions together with the musicians and presented the band's debut album to all fans.

Machete Sang in the Metro

According to the artist, creativity has no boundaries and you can convey it to the listener in completely different ways, each time opening your music to a new audience. That is why Machete decided to congratulate the townspeople in such an unusual way, arranging for them an impromptu mini-concert right in the subway passage, within a few minutes after the start, about 100 people gathered around the musicians who sang along and clapped to the beat of the music.

Yaroslav Maly: We just decided to go down to the metro and give people such an unusual New Year's gift, because it's very nice after a long day at work on Monday to get good emotions and recharge with a festive mood!

The Machete group has long won people's love, the debut video for the song "Tenderness" has gained over 20 million views on YouTube and Vimeo, for a year and a half the songs of Yaroslav's solo project have flooded the Internet space and entered millions of tracks. social media sheets. Musicians are ready to play for people, both in large concert venues and in transitions. Yaroslav presented to casual viewers several songs from the debut album "Machete" and, by popular demand, performed the main hit of the TOKiO group "Who am I without you". After the end of the performance, the musicians immediately began to sign autographs and take photos with fans, who promised not to miss such events in the coming year. Machete's next big concert will take place on February 16, 2013 in the capital's Milk Moscow club (Moscow), where the band will present their debut album to the audience in live sound.

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