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Loving with Open Eyes by Jorge Bukay

The success of your personal life depends on the correctness of the chosen guidelines and your thinking. A popular psychology author about love, relationships and life.

The well-known Argentine psychotherapist and author of books on popular psychology in his book “Love with Open Eyes” told the secrets of a successful relationship.

• The myth that if two people love each other, they must be of the same opinion should be debunked. This is not true, loving another person does not mean thinking like him or putting him above himself. The point is mutual respect. The main thing is to “love with open eyes”

• The best, most accurate of the mirrors is the relationship in a couple. Only thanks to them can we see our worst or best sides up close.

• Conflicts are an opportunity to discover ourselves, to know and understand what is happening to us.

• Falling in love is the thread that connects us to the state of happiness, because there is another person who is very dear to us. It gives us an unheard of feeling of the fullness of life. Everything around sparkles and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. This state does not last long, but is fixed in the memory, fueling the relationship.

• To fall in love means to tell your partner how you sympathize with him for holding a mirror so gracefully in which you recognize your love for him.

• To fall in love is to love coincidences, to love is to fall in love with differences.

• Falling in love is crazy. Love, on the contrary, is a super-expensive product of the symbiosis of mind and feelings.

• When we are forced to wait, not being able to bring the cherished moment closer by our actions, we always get the impression that the event is late. In any case, even if what we want comes on time, it still seems to us that it is slow.

• Dreams are images associated with our senses, and those who are blind from birth dream of sounds.

• The moment when a person puts aside dreams and says to himself “let's enjoy what we have and stop shedding tears for the impossible” is decisive in everyone's life.

• Lessons can be learned from difficulties. It's a way to immerse yourself in reality, watch what's going on and see how we're coping with the situation.

• The meaning of life does not lie in the fulfillment of predetermined goals, because in this it would be very boring.

• Each couple is a dance.

• To love means to think about the desires of the beloved, to enjoy when he feels good, regardless of whether he is near or not.

• To be jealous means to boil the thought that my beloved is giving to another what only I can claim. Or as it is written in Satan's Dictionary: “Jealousy is the fear of losing another; and if a person can get lost only because of our fear, then we should not keep him with us.

• The most common misconception is the assumption that my significant other is the cause of the conflict. In fact, this is an internal conflict of polar traits that secretly coexist in me.

• Love and intimacy are only possible when we take off the mask and face our partners as we are.

• To love is to accept reality.