Lover rules

We will tell you how to sleep with unfree women, cover up and confuse the traces of love affairs and how to hide in a closet among moths.

According to studies, about 20% of women have relationships on the side, so you may be faced with the fact that you will have a lover associated with someone in a long relationship.

Where to find a mistress?

About 30% of left connections occur at work. Oddly enough, but this is the most common option, but it is quite risky. According to the research of audio recording equipment, in one of the American companies numbering 8 thousand people, the following was found out. Every evening, a couple of departments celebrated birthdays, promotions, and other holidays. The equipment recorded 3-4 sexual contacts every evening. Contacts were almost always random, without prior arrangements. Casual sex in the company occasionally flowed into a protracted romance at work.

Lovers often find each other in ordinary clubs, when both partners, by agreement, go to one of them to an apartment or hotel room. Such a meeting is more casual, although in a public place it is not so difficult to spot a bored woman, perhaps looking for casual sex.

Our men's magazine will tell you how to sleep with unfree women, cover up and confuse the traces of love affairs and how to hide in a closet among moths.

Frame from the movie "Casanova"

Rules of a lover

• Better not give her gifts, flowers for her it will be easier to throw it away than to explain their origin, jewelry and other mercantile gifts immediately suggest the presence of a lover. Do you need it? If you decide to give her something, discuss it with her in advance. Think about how she will cover your gift. For example, it is better to give her underwear not on March 8, but closer to February 23. She will be able to explain this gift to her husband.

• Do not correspond with her on the Internet. A lot of love couples got caught on this. There are enough programs for hacking now.

• Don't answer her texts in the evening, she can text you in a free minute, and your answer will come at the most inopportune moment. Do not call her in the evenings yourself, the best time is working hours on weekdays. She will be at school, work and have maximum freedom. In general, it is better to exclude telephone communication as much as possible, printouts of conversations and SMS can tell a lot about her husband.

• Do not be her husband's friend or acquaintance. No matter how careful you are, the chances that the relationship will open up are extremely high.

• Do not call each other by their first names, the chance that she will accidentally call your name is very high.

• Forbid her to discuss your love affairs with her girlfriends. There will definitely be a "well-wisher" who will ruin the whole game.

• Don't give her your things that can be used against you.

• Don't meet her near her work, home, or places where you can be seen together by mutual friends. In general, avoid crowded places.

• Do not use eau de toilette when walking towards her, and shave, she does not need unnecessary irritation. Take a shower.

• Do not leave hickeys, scratches on her body, do not tear underwear and take care of contraceptives.

• Learn to run well, it will surely come in handy for you!

• Don't sleep with her at her place if you don't want an anecdote incident when her husband came back earlier. If you manage to be on its territory, immediately think over the ways of retreat. A husband may not buy and not go to throw out the garbage handed to him on the threshold by his wife. The first thing he notices is your outerwear and boots. Get into the habit of putting your shoes in a dark corner where they won't be found immediately, and hiding your outerwear in the closet.

• A "cuckold" is ringing at the door, where to hide now? If the floor does not allow you to jump off, the only way out is to hide on the balcony or somewhere in the apartment. The balcony is well suited if her husband does not smoke on it and the windows from the apartment do not overlook it. Hiding in a closet or on a balcony, don't forget to take care of ALL your belongings. Turn off the phone, your mistress's friend may not like the melody of your mobile coming from the closet and he will start running after you with an ax.

• Do not make plans for the future, do not give her empty hopes, and never fall in love with your mistress!

Shot from the movie "Casanova"

On the other hand, we must warn you that we ourselves are for family values. It’s not forever for you to run around in shorts alone, escaping from fellow tribesmen. Find yourself, finally, a free girlfriend and be happy. [thirty].