Love or affection

We often meet someone, have relationships and sex, but we cannot always understand what we feel for a person. Simple ways to distinguish love from mere affection.

Love is the highest feeling in the world, but many people confuse it with affection. For some, love is the meaning of their whole life, and for some, a small hobby, like a game or another adventure. To understand what love is and what is not love, you need to know clearly the differences between love and simple affection.

Love and affection?

First difference: When you love a person, you put their needs and wants ahead of your own. With attachment, things are different: you don’t think about your soulmate during the day, you don’t admire him, and you don’t hold hands at every opportunity. You need this person simply because it is so convenient for you, and not to be alone.

Love is always selfless, and affection implies gain.

Second difference: Love is when you live in that relationship. When love appears, everything in your life changes and will never be the same. It can be both difficult and special pleasant moments. During attachment, if for some reason you cannot see each other, then your heart will not skip a beat and there will be complete indifference.

The third difference: in love - everything is heated, which means that the transition from one extreme to another is short-lived. No wonder they say from absolute pure love to such a bad feeling as hatred is one step and vice versa. Passion, emotions - this is inherent in love. Attachment has only a neutral attitude towards his chosen one or chosen one.

The fourth difference: Lovers always want to know how things are and if everything is fine with a loved one. Attachment implies a sense of ownership and thoughts of contrived jealousy.

Fifth difference: Love gives inspiration, energy, desire to improve yourself and the world around you. Attachment is power, which is characterized by arrogance and submission.

The sixth difference: For love there is no time, no time limits with dates. Time always flies by for us imperceptibly. When there is only affection in feelings, then any tradition is more important to a person than your desire.

It is very important to understand that your partner has affection for you or still true love. After all, love is one of the most important parts of life.