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loss in a person's life. Not everything you lose in life is a loss.

Hard times and numerous problems we consider a disaster, when sometimes it is only a plus. Any crises and difficulties give you a sea of ​​​​opportunities to prove yourself. The complexity of human life is your chance to achieve what you have long wanted and dreamed of. Not everything you lose in life is a loss. Sometimes this will be the best gift of fate.

Remember the Finnish folk song by Vladimir Voinovich “If the bride goes to another, then it is not known who is lucky.” Many problems and troubles we take too directly into our own account. Any problems and difficulties bring not only a negative experience, but also new positive opportunities that you have been waiting for a long time.

We do not say that problems or crisis are very good. But often behind the experiences we do not notice an excellent opportunity to change something in life for the better. This is a great opportunity to move in a new right direction to get a new chance. Shake the routine and the swamp.

Hard times are your good opportunity to get out of a stalemate and change literally everything. Leave everything behind to start over and a new leaf. You have lost calm and comfort, but gained more freedom of action. Not everything you lose in life is a loss. Sometimes it's a new chance for a new happiness.

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Losses in human life. The complexity of human life

1. Lost your job?

Did the job, business and career that you had been doing for years fail? Sometimes the best option is to endure the experience and then go on a further search. Life does not end with the loss of a job and the collapse of a career. There is always the opportunity to start over and open a new page. There would be a neck, but there is a collar.

You didn't lose your job, but got a new chance. It's time to try yourself in another place, in another role or in another field of activity. You yourself would never quit and change your life like that. And now fate has given you a good try, which is rarely given in life.

You can wind snot around your fist or feel sorry for yourself, or you can see this as a great opportunity. Losses in a person's life can be a runway for the better. The first step towards change.

“If by chance you were left without money, Believe that a change in fate will come, If you are just a lazy and idler, The song is unlikely to help you.”

You understand perfectly well that only troubles come to idlers and lazy people. Victories come only to those who are ready to change, move and act. The fittest survive, and they are the better gene carriers. Changes are given for the evolution of man and his further adaptation. More flexibility and tenacity.

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2. Lost relationship?

End a relationship that was already doomed? Usually only something that already had serious flaws and marriage breaks. Poisonous, toxic and unpromising relationships always break down sooner or later. You can deceive yourself, but only that which was doomed in advance goes to the bottom.

Losing a relationship in life is a chance. An opportunity to find someone who will be better than the person in the past relationship. Who will be prettier, kinder, better, more fun, more cheerful, cleaner. Who will love you more and warm you more. You are not alone, but free and in active search. Do you feel the difference? Somewhere in the world there is someone who has been waiting for you for a long time.

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3. Lost something else?

All our life we ​​lose something. But we forget that nothing lasts forever. Some things, people and situations are given to us for a while. They brighten up our lives, but only until the next fork in the road. Nothing is eternal.

We lose friends, move to other cities, change ourselves and get out of the past. Stop thinking that a person is static. You were not born to stand on the sidelines. You were born to move forward all the time. The scenery, people, life and yourself will change. But it's okay.

Having lost something in the past, we find something new in the future. The old is replaced by the new. Even if you are squeezed around, everything moves on and on. Time is not running out, but is rapidly flying forward. Remember the song of the Basta group “Samsara”:

“When I am gone, I will sing with the voices of My children and the voices of their children.]

Losses in human life are inevitable. Not everything you lose in life is a loss. It's just life moving forward. Look for inspiration, strength, motivation and chance in change. Create opportunities for yourself.

Life is too short to worry and feel sorry for yourself. Forward. Move forward. Give it some gas. There, beyond the new horizon of life, a new turn, new victories and new happiness await you. Life is not static, but it moves forward. Move with her. You were born to move forward…