lose fate

People who claim that everything is predetermined and nothing can be done about fate, do not fully believe in it themselves. At the same time, they follow signs, look around when crossing the roadway and are afraid to take risks. If everything is predetermined, then why are you afraid? About those who believe in destiny, we can say for sure that they rarely achieve their dreams. To get something incredible and fantastically cool, you need to go against fate.

It is often said that a person has found his destiny, meaning a soul mate, job or life's work. But if you can find destiny, then you can lose it? You can change it. Unfortunately, most people believe in their destiny and its destiny. This leads to the fact that people do not even try what they consider unrealistic. However, the fate is different than we used to believe.

Fate is not static, as most people think. It is written in pencil, as once at school you were given a deuce. You can retake it and correct it, but if you don’t try, then in the journal of fate there will be a deuce already in ink.

If you do not try to change it, then time will be lost, and the weakest and most unpresentable version of fate will come true. A titmouse in the hands is also good, but what is the point in it if you dream of a crane? Can try to grab the luck ha tail?

Even if everything is predetermined in fate, then why be afraid, since everything is already seized?

Changes in life and destiny

We all live ordinary lives. We are following the path that prudence and prudence have shown us. We try not to do stupid things, not to take risks and not to go far out of our comfort zone. But living like this, sooner or later, you will regret it. Fate will be nothing.

But is it so prudent to always be prudent and correct? Go the usual way: school, university, work and retirement? This is a familiar option, but even along the way, you can go to another fork in the road to try something cooler than you expect. People tend to underestimate their potential, and therefore are guided by the minimum level of destiny.

What happens if you try another university, another job, gaining knowledge again, a new job, etc.? To change the usual course of things for something else that I could never decide on.

Most people prefer to be careful, careful and prudent. But they forget that the fate of the female, and therefore loves courage, confidence and pressure. When a person lives too cautiously, not even grasping the excellent chances offered, he chooses the worst option for life. He will be a gray nobody. Life will take him where he least wanted to go.

Go against fate

But what happens if you go against fate? Fearfully? Brazilian prose writer and poet Paulo Coelho said: "Everyone experiences fear at the moment when they can change their fate." Fate loves to laugh at people's failures. Fate loves to spit on people, but why don't you do the same?

Is fate laughing at you? Laugh at failures and then start over or try something new. If you yourself laughed and did not give up, then you started a new round of fate, where everything could be different. Until you give up, then any event is inevitable, even impossible.

It's like comedian Danila Poperechny, who went with a friend and bought a synthesizer with his last money. If you no longer have money, then you have nothing to fear from poverty. It was a kind of spit in the face of fate.

Fate spits on you? Spit on circumstances and go against fate. Fate throws you to the bottom, and you enjoy it. When your significant other dumps you, then meet a hundred other girls to find an even better girlfriend. You get fired from your job, go to 50 interviews and then get a better job. Are you unable to fulfill yourself in your village or city? Leave for other regions, cities or countries. Fate offers you a full G? Lose the old fate, and find yourself a new and more beautiful one.

Do not agree with what fate offers you. Do not listen to fatalists, whiners and weaklings who believe in destiny and fate. You shouldn't care about the opinions of those who gave up and settled for something less.

How to fulfill yourself in life and become happy? Go against fate, disagree with the miserable fake life, grab the chances and create your own opportunities.

If you feel like you're lost in life, that's fine. You are already halfway to your goal. It is time to lose the old and unhappy fate, and in return to find a new one with which you will be happy.