Log girls, lovers and male orgasm

What is the main mistake of log girls? Why do men go to mistresses when you can have sex with your wife? Are male ejaculation and orgasm the same thing?

The female orgasm is generally considered to be more complex and more intense. But we got so carried away chasing the female orgasm that we forgot about the male one.

Ejaculation and orgasm of a man are not the same as many people, especially women, are used to thinking. The fair sex thinks once a man has finished, it means he experienced an orgasm, and strong and bright. After that, women believe that they are good at sex, although a man may think differently. The sex was mediocre, like crappy fast food.

A man's orgasmic experience is never the same. This is a whole range of sensations in terms of strength and quality of orgasm. The male orgasm is bright, impetuous and unforgettable. And sometimes, during ejaculation, a man experiences just a slight discharge, and not an orgasm. After that, a man usually has annoyance for bad sex.

Why do men not only masturbate, but also look for a girlfriend? After all, you can finish alone without wooing a woman, not wasting time and resources? The male orgasm is more complex than you might think. The pleasure of a man is not limited only to the reaction of the nervous system. For a strong orgasm, a man needs a woman, her vivid sexual image and the skills of a mistress.

Why do men go to mistresses when they can end up with their wives? A man finishes both there and there, but the difference is precisely in the strength and differences of orgasm. If a woman is sexy, hot and skillful in bed, then orgasm and ejaculation come together. And if the girl is a log, then ejaculation comes alone or with a pathetic semblance of an orgasm. But the log girl will mistakenly think that she made the guy happy with incredible sex. And then she will wonder why she was abandoned or why a man fucks on the side. In sex, many women just lie on their backs and moan. And after that they call themselves the goddesses of sex, although in reality this is an ordinary log.

The male orgasm is not primitive, as is commonly believed. Men usually do not say how good they were. Just as women fake an orgasm, so do men. It's one thing to finish, and another to experience a real bright orgasm. If a man has not received a full-fledged orgasm, then he will look for that girl who will help him with this.

It's time to get rid of the myth and prejudice about the simplicity of the male orgasm. It is more complex and not as primitive as those who consider it as such. While we will walk in rose-colored glasses, there will be log girls and lovers on opposite sides of the barricades.