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Living together

You finally decided that the time you spend with your girlfriend is too little and now you live under the same roof. What should you prepare for?

Should I go to a cold apartment, to an empty refrigerator, or is it better to find a hot bath, a tender body and breakfast in bed? Oh, the problem of choice! The film "Handsome Alfie or What Men Want"

How beautiful it all began: meetings, dates, flowers, kisses, walks around the city at night, seeing off home. And then you suddenly realized that this is not enough for you, or rather the time that you spend together. At about this moment, you had the idea that, it seems, it’s time to cross the line of just meeting for permanent housing together. Well, not a bad idea at all.

The beginning of your life together will be twofold. On the one hand: "The first pancake is always lumpy." This I mean that some everyday things in life will sometimes become problematic for you. Well, for example, to go to the toilet, take off your shoes after a morning run or a very difficult day, because socks do not always smell like “French scents”. On the other hand: many things in our lives have a good start. This is the novelty of your relationship, which will imperceptibly flow into a new direction, and the feeling that your passion will now spend more time with you than before, and sex will be much more frequent. That regular sex is the main reason for your desire to live under the same roof with a girl, we have already heard from scientists. Undoubtedly, there is something to envy, especially the presence of a female hand in the kitchen, and indeed in the house, cannot but rejoice.

Therefore, in order to maintain a normal relationship with a girl, after starting to live together, one should adhere to certain limits.

- Realize that now you do not live alone, and therefore scattered clothes, and especially socks under the bed or in some other secret place, will not delight your concubine.

Then Romeo and Juliet. So it's good that they died. After all, they have overcome so much for the sake of their love. And would, say, her love endure if she knew that he said “ringing”? Or that he scatters socks all over the apartment? The film "What Men Talk About"

If you are too lazy to wash your laundry, then throw it at least in the laundry basket, your girlfriend knows what to do with it.

- Try not to quarrel with your chosen one over trifles - it used to be that you could leave after a quarrel and not call for several days, disappearing in clubs, or simply tormented by doubts whether you did the right thing. And now, in fact, leaving is not the best option, especially since you have a common area of ​​\u200b\u200bresidence. Well, if only to scatter in different rooms. Although you can still run away to friends - but the consequences then may not be the best (who knows what your girlfriend will think where you were and with whom).

- Give each other personal space. You don't need to be everywhere and always be there. You need to be able to relax from each other, but in decent ways. Let there be freedom on the Internet, meetings with friends from your side, with friends - from her side. And sometimes any person wants to be alone - you do not need to exclude this from your life. By the way, about the computer, there should be at least two of them, in order to avoid quarrels over such a trifle.

- If your girlfriend starts talking about the wedding and things like that, don't be silent, don't ignore it. And who knows what's on her mind: she'll think that you don't take her seriously, that you don't want a family and stuff like that. It will be better if you answer such questions, relying on the future, on the time that must pass before you decide to take such a step.

We know that this is the most difficult topic to talk about, but how can she explain what the heroes of the movie “What Men Talk About” said well: In general, in a married state, it’s not that you don’t have other women, but the fact that there is no such possibility. I might not have taken advantage of it, but there must be an opportunity...

On the other hand, tell me, how much can you fool the head of a girl you really love?

- Invite your mutual friends to visit you, introduce her to your friends. Go visit yourself. This diversifies your life, and you will always know the friends and girlfriends of your girlfriend, and they can help with advice if unpleasant situations suddenly arise in your relationship.

- Try to do more things together. For example, a joint shopping trip, cooking dinner, repairs, planning some kind of holiday. This way you can get to know each other even better. The joint solution of any issues has a good effect on any couple in love.

- So that you do not get tired of sex, practice not only at home. In the restroom of a restaurant, in the car, in places where you often go and have a good time.

When you have lived together for at least six months, the time to get used to each other in the same dwelling passes. It was then that routine and life can begin to come on your heels. Sometimes you want to shout: "I'm tired of everything!", And run somewhere headlong. Here the possibility of separation is very high. If you really want to break up with your girlfriend, then just do everything that is written above exactly the opposite. You will be successful within a week. But, if you understand that with this woman you want to create a real family, raise children and meet old age together - then do not bother your head with all sorts of annoying thoughts and turn your routine life into real adventures, after all, who is the master of your destiny if not you?

And yet, starting to live with your chosen one is a serious step, but you are hardly afraid of difficulties. Good luck to you!