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Living in uncertainty

There are moments in life when you find yourself in conditions of uncertainty and unforeseen events. Everything is not going very well and is extremely unpredictable. You have no idea what to do next and what will happen in the future. How to live in conditions of uncertainty?

The most terrible wish to the worst enemy, from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, sounds like this: “May you live in an era of change!” After all, a measured and predictable life is better than vague and difficult times of change. Living in complete uncertainty, when you can’t imagine tomorrow, is very difficult.

But don't despair. Man is an adaptive creature who has learned to adapt to any life situations and changes. This is the basis of his genetic program and evolution, which helped him survive for hundreds of thousands of years. How to behave in difficult and unpredictable times?

Live in uncertainty. How to behave in a situation of uncertainty?

Uncertainties and problems will be a thing of the past

The inscription on King Solomon's ring read: “Everything will pass. This too will pass." Life is always stormy, and difficulties and problems are a common thing. In different years of your life, you were tormented by unrequited love, problems with work or health issues. This is not the first and not the last of your life crisis. You have always lived in times of severe crisis, if you remember well.

But you survived it and moved on. Today's problems and uncertainties will also one day become the past. They will be a negative moment that you will remember with a sad smile. All will pass. This too will pass.

Stay optimistic

Stay optimistic even in difficult and uncertain times. You can go into depression, get angry at the whole world, do stupid things and wind yourself up. But the best strategy would be optimism and faith in a brighter future.

Optimists endure any difficulties, troubles and health problems better. Positivity is the best medicine in any life situation. Believe in the best and everything will be fine.

Not everything in life depends on you

Accept the fact that not everything in life depends on you. Some situations will still remain unresolved. There are always force majeure circumstances that you cannot influence. But if you cannot change the situation, then you can change your attitude towards it.

Reconsider your approach. If you can't transform the situation, then accept it. Survive hard times with firmness, mobilizing all your reserves and clenching your teeth. Only you decide how to deal with the situation. And then you celebrate the victory.

Prepare for a change for the better

In uncertain times, the best strategy is to lay low. You need to live in uncertainty like a turtle, which hides in its shell when in danger. The turtle lives 300 years. There is no need to rush to do something in incomprehensible times. It is better to do nothing, so as not to break even more firewood.

But that doesn't mean you can't do anything. We can prepare for times when life gets better and uncertainty goes away. You can pump your inner qualities and improve yourself. Do self-education if you find yourself in such a situation. Learn foreign languages, master new specialties, develop communication skills and improve yourself. Make the best version of yourself.

Look for opportunities in the midst of chaos

Always be open to new opportunities that come from times of change and chaos. In such a situation, excellent chances may appear that are not available in a normal situation. Keep your ears and eyes wide open so that you can slip through the half-open door of opportunity. Do not rush with negativity, but be open to everything new.

Look for the positive in everything

In difficult times, everything seems bad and terrible. But that's not the case at all. Some aspects of life you can control. Look for the positive in the ordinary things that make you happier. Count happy moments and enjoy them.

Living in uncertainty is very hard. But a black stripe is always followed by a white one. After sunset comes dawn. All will pass. This too will pass. Believe in the best, actively prepare for the future and do not hang your nose. Everything will be fine.