Live every moment

No money, good job, second half, cool car, apartment? Some people go around with a disgruntled, offended and pessimistic face all their lives. How to live every moment?

“Everything in this raging world is ghostly.There is only a moment, hold on to it!There is only a moment between the past and the future,It is he who is called life.Oleg Dal

Life is short like a moment, but we don't always understand it. In most cases and moments of life, we concentrate on what we do not have and suffer.

We don't have money, good phone, job, relationships, children, apartment, car, rest, time. We have planned too much for the rest of our lives and set high demands. But we follow the wrong things, we feel the wrong things, we do the wrong things.

We try to solve many problems in every moment of life and look forward to the next success immediately. We are always missing something. But children appear when you find a good life partner. The apartment will appear immediately after a long and hard work. Everything will come in due time and that time is not now. But we are unhappy now.

We fixate on what we don't have and suffer. But you can be happy in every moment of life that deserves it.

Are you currently sitting with a girl on the seashore and worried about the fact that you do not have a good job and a cool car? You suffer instead of enjoying the best moments of your life. You will definitely get everything you dream of, but then. Why spoil today with corrals about tomorrow?

Enjoy moments of happiness instead of worrying about what you don't have yet.

Some people walk around with a disgruntled, offended and pessimistic face all their lives. Learn to live every moment and enjoy it. Only then will you be happy.

Do not sacrifice a moment and a moment of happiness.