Life mission. Have you defined your life purpose??

We all know perfectly well how old we are, where we work, what we do in our free time, what we plan for the future. But ask any person a question about the meaning, purpose and life mission, he will be confused. We are accustomed to live without thinking about why we are always running somewhere, trying and exhausting ourselves. What is your mission in life, as well as answers from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Pavel Durov.

Why do you live and what is your mission in life? If you need a clear answer in one word, then this is the very last word of the article. But if you need a little more detail, then let's get started.

All modern people are very busy, omniscient and fussy. But when they ask a question about their life mission, they immediately get lost. Why do they cost a career, set some goals and do something all the time, if at the same time they are rarely happy? If they do not take time for themselves, do they spend their lives on nonsense and dubious achievements?

What is the life mission of man? Imagine that you were asked to write an essay at school or university. What would be on this leaf in a box or would it be empty? Take a piece of paper or start writing in your phone's notepad: "My mission in life." Now write.

And what to write then? It is not even immediately clear what should be there, in this essay about life. How to find your guiding star, for which it is worth living life, and not just smoking the sky? In any search, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself to know yourself better and reveal what you yourself do not fully understand.

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My mission in life. Search

1. What was your growing up like?

What was your childhood, youth and adult life like? What family values ​​were instilled in you and how were you brought up? How did you live, how did you grow up, who surrounded you? In what conditions was your personality formed? What can you say about your childhood? Everyone starts from a different position, and someone has advantages over us.

Often from childhood we are laid a certain plan or sketch of life, which we follow. Life values ​​can be laid in the foundation from childhood. It is important to determine how comfortable you are with this plan. Maybe you planned a completely different life for yourself, and all this was imposed by the people around you from the outside? What are your priorities and life values?

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2. What about your education?

Where did you study and what is your education? Education opens up prospects and gives us opportunities. Education makes us a specialist in a certain field, determines the profession and qualifications.

As you progress in life, you could move from your education to another area, but this also requires certain knowledge. Education shapes us and throws us into a certain area. We cook in it.

3. Where do you work?

Where do you work or will you work? What are your prospects? What do you think about your career and professional growth? How many possibilities do you have? Do you want to change your place of work or move to another area of ​​duration?

Our financial level, opportunities and satisfaction with life depend on our career. Through work, some find the meaning of their fulfillment in life. Through work, you can not only find meaning, but also realize your other plans. Working at a job you hate, it is difficult to fulfill yourself and achieve the life you want.

4. What kind of person are you? What is your personality?

The image of your life is you. How do you live? What have you become? Where do you go, who do you hang out with and how do you spend your time? What are you thinking about? In what environment are you cooking and where are you going? To what extent does your personality distinguish you from others, and in what way exactly? Often clues can be seen in lifestyle, personality, and character. This will be our credo and life mission that we seek.

5. What are your desires and dreams?


Despite the hustle and bustle of life, you have certain desires. They can be the loud ones you tell everyone about. There are those who will be secret and whom you dream at night. Some desires we hide from ourselves. These open or deep desires can suggest our meaning in life. Often it is dreams that show us our main goal and life mission.

6. What are your opportunities?

What is your potential? What qualities and advantages can you use in life? What will help you to realize yourself better in life? What talents, abilities and skills do you have? Where do you see opportunities for growth and breakthrough? This can help you to better formulate plans and goals for the future.

7. Who are you? The search for a life mission

The life mission of a person is his self-expression and self-actualization. Each of us has a desire to fully reveal our capabilities, take advantage of all the chances and make the most of life.

Each person has his own life mission, but it is not easy to get to it. First, we need to satisfy all other needs. They can be seen on Maslow's pyramid. These are physiological needs, the search for security, finding love, the desire for respect, the desire to know, aesthetic desires. But the order in the hierarchy can change and be different for everyone.

At the top of Maslow's pyramid is the need for self-actualization. A kind of nirvana or the meaning of life, which not everyone achieves.

We are looking for our life mission when we manage to arrange everything else. It becomes important for us to realize our goals and innermost dreams. Development of ability and disclosure of one's potential. We shape our identity and our own values.

Answer all 7 questions to yourself in writing, and then analyze what came out. Put the pieces of the puzzle together and synchronize your self-image. What are the points of intersection of childhood, education, work, personality, desires. This will allow you to better understand yourself and find your life mission.

What are life missions?

Take for example people whose names we always hear about.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos:

"Earth's most customer-focused company."

Broadcaster and activist Oprah Winfrey:

"To help people take better control of their lives and destinies."

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk:

"To change the world and help humanity."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg:

"My job is to connect the world and give everyone a voice."

Founder of VKontakte and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov:

“For more than 10 years, since I was a very poor student, I have not been tired repeat: money is overvalued, because creation is much more interesting than consumption, and the internal state is incommensurably more important than the external one.

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Everyone has a mission in life. What is the sense of life? In Douglas Adams' book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the computer took a long time to calculate and gave the answer to this question: "42". What is 42? It can be anything for every person. But if you need an exact answer, then you can call the life mission in one word, which Pavel Durov mentioned in his mission.

The meaning of life is “creation”.