Life experience and mistakes

Every 5-10 years we look back and think about how naive and stupid we were. And what would have happened if we hadn't made these unfortunate stupidities, insulting blunders and fatal mistakes? Life could be brighter, happier, more prosperous and brighter. If today you use the experience of people who have already filled themselves with bumps on a similar rake, then your future will be completely different. Smart people learn from the experiences of others.

We all make mistakes in life, which is the cause of much of our subsequent experiences and suffering. Some mistakes stick with us all our lives when we regret constantly. But there is an option to make fewer mistakes than before. You can do this not only on your own life experience, but also on someone else's. Your future may be completely different, and your smile will be much wider than it is now.

We asked adults about their mistakes in the past. It turned out to be a rather interesting picture, which speaks of the main regrets and mistakes of other people. Why fall into the same trap as others? You will have a more prosperous life if you take into account someone else's life experience. Be smarter. Life experience and mistakes that are better not to make.

1. Go your own way

Life It is not a race or a competition with other people. Stop comparing yourself to other people and thinking that you are behind someone else. Do more than just what you have to. Do what you want and what makes you happy. Everyone has their own unique road, not a competition with other people.

Marvin Meyer, Unsplash

youth, but erroneous in the long run of life. Try more things in life and don't be afraid if something doesn't work out. Keep doing what might be interesting or promising. Do not rush to extremes, but move forward and try new things.

3. Rough relationships spoil life

One of the important mistakes that we usually don't think about is relationships. Falling in love with the wrong person, with whom there are no prospects at all, is very simple. But then what to do with it? Most of the problems in life we ​​get when we fall in love with the wrong people. You need to fall in love with your heart, but at the same time do not forget about your head. Red flags and warnings in a relationship need to be analyzed, not ignored. Approach the choice of the second half more carefully.

4. Get enough sleep and rest

Lack of sleep and poor sleep patterns impair quality of life. We like to work hard and then watch TV or surf the Internet for half the night. But it's worth considering that lack of sleep will make you look ugly, spoil your health, impair productivity, reduce energy, and make you less happy. Start getting enough sleep and you will be surprised at how you feel and how everything is better in life. Get enough sleep and rest during the day, then life will be better.

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. The best advice is to work hard, get educated, gain experience, and make wise career choices to get yourself to your desired income level. Use someone else's life experience, and do not do nonsense.

6. Go in for sports

Start taking care of your body as early as possible. Go in for sports, but do not eat everything and take care of your health. You can look and feel better than your peers for 5-10 years. Be sure to get yourself a sports hobby: swimming, running, fitness. You can work out at the gym or work out at home. Start exercising and doing sports three times a week. Your body will begin to transform in a week, and you will feel a surge of motivation and energy.

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. Very often we do not value money, spending it on useless things or entertainment. Understanding the value of money comes much later, when much has already been squandered. Save money and constantly save it, and do not engage in shopaholism. Do not spend unearned money on loans to use them for dubious show-offs and desires. Do not fall into the trap of banks and squandering, then life will be calmer, happier and easier.

8. Quit drinking

Drinking will be like traveling down a spiral. At first it's fun and cool, but then it's hard and disastrous. Alcohol will slowly but surely take away money, prospects, future, relationships, family, potency and health. Alcohol has killed many good smart and promising people, turning them into lost drunks. Take into account the life experience and mistakes of others, and do not fall into this trap.

9. Change your path if necessary

Change your job or profession if you don't like it. Often the path chosen in youth is not what we want now. All my life to hate work and life itself? It is better to make an effort to change jobs, get an education and try a new profession. It's never too late to change your career path, just like life itself.

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10. Avoid smoking

Smoking is an unpleasant mistake in life. When the habit takes root and spoils your health, it will be hard to quit. It is better and easier not to even start smoking than to quit hundreds of times later. Although this applies to many bad habits.

11. Follow your dreams right now

Don't waste your time on various nonsense including laziness, doubt and cowardice. Do what you love, chase your goals and make your dreams come true. Time moves very quickly, and you will not have time to look back, as you will find yourself already retired. Act now and try now, so that you don’t reproach yourself for indecision later. Follow your dreams right now, because you will not have another life.

Life is too short to waste it on mistakes. Always think before you get involved in something recklessly. Use someone else's life experience and mistakes to get to your dream faster.