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Letter from the future

Recently, we often read advice to 20, 30 and 45 year olds from more experienced comrades. But it is much better to read a letter from yourself from the future. What advice would you give to yourself in 10 years?

Hello inexperienced and unfired, Me!

I want to tell you a couple of useful things that will help you keep your nose down and live a happier life. I made you 20 tips from the future.

1. The whole world did not converge on her, and she is not the only girl on the planet. The probability that the first and even second love will be for life is negligible. Don't be afraid to let go of the relationship and move on.

2. Don't try to please everyone. That way you won't earn respect and good friends. There are no more than five true friends. But learn to be friends and cherish them.

3. Work, education and knowledge are very important. Learn to prioritize your life. Find the golden mean between fun and work. Don't become a permanent hanging out jerk at the club. In 10 years, such comrades will cause pity and misunderstanding.

4. While there is no family, children and a cat, develop more. Do not be afraid to go on a journey, to explore new places, people and yourself. Do not sit at home and especially do not abuse the Internet!

5. Don't smoke and drink less. Consume a little, alcohol creates more problems than it solves. You will see this in the example of some drunken friends.

6. Exercise, take care of your health, eat well and sleep more. In 10 years, you will thank yourself for such wisdom. Start using cosmetics before your skin and body begin to wrinkle.

7. After one or two in the morning, it is rarely good. Often the best solution is to go to sleep. In the morning you will thank yourself for your prudence.

8. When you study at school or university, remember this moment. This is one of the most free and fun times of your life. Enjoy it.

9. When you grow up, life will not end. You won't be a strapper. You will have hobbies, interests in life, goals and plans. Life is just beginning!

10. Don't be offended by your parents. Do not anger them, do not worry in vain. Call them more often and talk about your love. You will understand later how important it is for them and for you.

11. Do not waste your precious time on windy girls, fake friends and bad company.

12. Meet girls. Approach them, take the first steps. You never know how the most casual acquaintance can end.

13. Learn to be yourself in this world. Don't let people confuse you, take advantage of you, and manipulate you. Put in place strangers, friends and girlfriend.

14. Have sex. Don't waste your energy solely on porn. All girls, even the most beautiful, do it. Flirt, seduce and have sex. Even if you are not very good-looking, then remember: not only beautiful people have sex. But you can always pump up in the gym and look stylish.

15. Protect yourself! Your plans do not include dying of AIDS, catching syphilis or marrying a stupid fool on the fly? Condoms and a cold mind will save you from many possible problems.

16. When you meet your people, don't waste it foolishly. We are talking about good friends and soul mate.

17. Don't worry too much about money. Learn to manage the existing amount, save money and plan expenses. Look for additional sources of income.

18. Find yourself. Define your plans, dreams and desires. Going with the flow will be too boring just for you.

19. Don't be afraid to go to extremes while you're young. Get to know the world and people. Walk all night long, dance until you drop, have fun without stupid restrictions. Get out and do stupid things. You will never be younger than you are tonight.

20. Be proud and respect yourself. Be open to life, adventure and fear nothing. I know that you will succeed.

Kisses and hugs, your future self.

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