Lessons from the old school of courtship

Old school courtship lessons that any old fart can beat you at. Despite many criticisms of the old methods of chivalry, chivalry and romance, there are strengths in it that are worth embracing.

Youngsters naively believe that bad guys, fat wads of money, power, coolness and lust rule the roost in relationships. But this is a big mistake. In sex, yes. In relationships that resemble prostitution, too. This is when you give her money and other material relations, and she throws her legs on your shoulders. But in a normal, strong, good and real relationship, everything is different. Here you need the old school, which is always relevant.

Lessons from the old school of courtship

1. Choose a girl who is worthwhile

The first lesson from the old school of courtship talks about the importance of choice. Choose not the girl that everyone is worth, but the one that is worth it. Glamorous chickens, mercantile women, naive fools and arrogant bitches go through the forest. You did not find yourself in the garbage heap to hobnob with all sorts of second-rate rabble. Choose a girl, and do not meet with the one that came to hand. There are many women, but you are alone. Look for honest, strong, open, kind and sensual. There is no such? Bad or not there looking for!

2. Take care of the girl

Many, having found a girl, begin to convulsively seduce her. If you found a good girl, then you can take your time. It's like hunting. Drive the girl into your snares confidently and without too much fuss. It's not for you to stick a member and run after another female. Let the girl take a little walk, break down and fall in love with you. Be solid. Romance, chivalry and courtship are what you need.

3. Get close to a girl

Sex is not the peak of intimacy between two people. The strongest and best thing in a relationship is the emotional connection between two lovers. Stand the foundation of relationships, and not a flimsy hut that falls apart at the first trouble. Many people are in a hurry, resulting in more divorces than weddings. Trust, friendship, honesty and intimacy are important.

4. Set the rules

All relationships have rules. Do you remember the legends about the Amazons? They were, but they died out. And patriarchy has proved its viability. It's not about the infringement of women, but about the division of roles in relationships. But don't slip into the male chauvinism that many men who have had many defeats in relationships abuse.

In a relationship, you are in charge and it is stupid to allow a woman to command everything. Find areas where you are professional and in which she understands. Harmony should be relationships, not fights. Set the rules and play by them.

5. Have sex

“Don't be afraid to have sex, don't vulgarize what is an integral part of our life, our nature. Communication with a person close to you helps not only to recharge your batteries, but also to be liberated, to remove all restrictions. Sex helps to get away from everyday life, from problems, worries, to feel like a part of the sensual world, beautiful and bright” Elenika Lis

The last lesson of the old school of courtship says - have sex with her. This means the girl may resist a little, but you have a member, not hers. Often girls avoid sex, but don't let her do it. Sex brings together, makes your life better and brighter. Have sex with a girl more often and better. Maybe the girl avoids sex because no one fucked her normally. Show her the level, give her the heat so that she herself goes after you.

Of course, not everything will be easy. Some would say that women just don't appreciate the effort and your personality. It is foolish to despair. Stay true to yourself and your nature. This way you will avoid unsuccessful relationships with people who are not worth it. Then you will find your soul mate and be happy. The lessons of the old school of courtship work, our ancestors proved it.

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