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Lemonade from lemon. How to turn weaknesses into strengths?

To make our life easier for any of us, we take the liberty of giving you some advice on this topic. How to turn disadvantages into advantages?

Recently, it has become fashionable to complain about the fact that you have to pay for life in big cities, and pay very expensively - bad ecology, eternal stress at work, low-quality products, where "the devil knows what they splashed...". And all this leads to the fact that a significant part of people - and not only in our country - are born, to put it mildly, not quite healthy.

Dale Carnegie once advised: "If you get a lemon, make lemonade out of it". Diseases and ailments are cured, alas, not always, but to make our life easier is within the power of any of us. And in this article we will allow ourselves to give you some advice on this topic.

1. Shortly before the death of the famous singer Ray Charles, a film about his life was released, which was called “Ray”. In one of his scenes, at the very beginning, the mother offers the future singer to learn a simple commandment - do not let others perceive yourself as an invalid. And this is really very important - if only because the role of the "unfortunate" most often causes nothing but pity, and it is good only in small doses.

2. Do not focus on your shortcomings - the less they know about it, the better. In addition, much can be attributed to illness, but not all. And if the body is weak, develop the mind: the famous American physicist Stephen Hawking has been completely paralyzed for twenty years, but this does not prevent him from being one of the most famous popularizers of science. And the books written by him aroused the interest of many, from Salvador Dali to Bill Clinton.

3. As the comic group "Monty Python" sang, "Always look on the bright side of life" - look for the good in everything. Think not about the fact that for some reason you can’t succeed - let’s say the author of these lines has never been given drawing - but about what you have been given. Well, there is no doubt that something is "given" to you - as they say, if God closes all windows and doors, he will certainly leave the window open.

4. Hence the next advice - do not get tired of looking for yourself in the most unexpected areas. Health problems can block your way to many things, but by no means to everything in the world. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were blinded to become legendary musicians.

5. “If you are an artist or a musician, be sure to come first!” Gemma from Turgenev's Spring Waters once said. This is also true for a person with "flaws" - and this, perhaps, is his happiness. If you do or try to do "your" business well, with full dedication, your problems will be forgotten very quickly, even if you do not make a secret of them.

6. Some illnesses and problems can actually come from complexes. The famous poet Nikolai Gumilyov said that in childhood he was a rather sickly child, but one day he realized that weakness is not always an honorable thing, and decided to “make himself”, acting contrary to circumstances.

And as a result, perhaps the first poet in Russian literature with a personality psychology, strong both in body and spirit, was born, despite the fact that the cult of refined weakness then reigned in literature and in society. Gumilyov visited Africa several times, participated in the First World War and more than once showed real courage in battle. So ask yourself - what, interesting to know, are you worse than him?

7. Don't withdraw into yourself - live life to the fullest. Whatever your problems, sunny weather, good mood and everything else has not been canceled yet - and this is the most important thing. Be happy with what you have, even if you are "limited" in many ways - but not in everything!

And finally, be ready to laugh at your own shortcoming, without waiting for others to do it - if, of course, this is possible. Laughter, a joke, an ironic attitude - they are the ones who are able to disarm any barbs in your address. "Smile, gentlemen, smile!" - as the unforgettable Baron Munchausen once advised.