Kick in the balls

Every guy, if he is not the last nerd and sissy, at least once in his life has received a painful blow in the groin. What is fraught with such a blow to the balls and what should be done?

Probably almost every guy, unless he's a bigoted nerd and sissy, has at least once in his life been hit in the groin with a painful kick or ball. Such an injury is not only painful, but also dangerous in its consequences.

Not simple, but golden

A blow to the groin can really cause serious injury. For example, in some men, such a blow causes temporary infertility (sometimes from 3 to 9 months). And although subsequently sperm production is usually restored, it also happens differently. Doctors believe that trauma to the genital organs can lead to a decrease in the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) in the body, and its active conversion into estradiol (female sex hormone), which causes not only disruption of sperm production, but also problems with potency.

Beat, beat - and smashed

In addition to potential problems with childbearing and sexual relations, testicular injuries threaten the health, and sometimes the life of a man. The organs of the perineum are well supplied with blood and permeated with sensory nerves. Therefore, a direct hit in this place causes the most painful sensations. And a blow to some areas can even be fatal due to pain shock. And if at the same time the vessels supplying blood to the organs of the perineum are damaged, bleeding can even cause a threat to life. With a strong bruise, testicular atrophy or - subsequently - the development of a tumor is also possible. Therefore, such an injury should not be taken lightly. If the temperature rises and nausea or vomiting occurs, you should immediately go to the doctor, because these signs are a manifestation of traumatic orchitis. But it is better not to wait until such symptoms occur, but to consult a doctor immediately if after half an hour or an hour the pain has not disappeared.

The worst thing that can happen is testicular crush. In this case, it will have to be removed. And then implant artificial. Also, surgical care is indispensable in case of rupture of the protein shell of the testicle. With such an injury, the shell is sutured with absorbable sutures. But first, the doctor must send the patient for a special ultrasound examination.

Unsuccessful "tricks"

With a strong blow, one or even both testicles can completely disappear from the scrotum. Such a “focus” is possible if the testicle, under the influence of trauma, is displaced into the inguinal canal, is inside it or even under the skin of the abdominal cavity, perineum or thigh. In this case, the diagnosis of "dislocation of the testicle" is made. A sign of dislocation is prolonged and severe pain in the groin. During the examination, a half or completely empty scrotum is determined. In this case, the patient is given intravenous anesthesia, and the surgeon manually pushes the testicle back into the scrotum with gentle massaging movements. If this cannot be done by hand, an operation is performed.

In some cases, there is a complication such as testicular torsion in the area of ​​the spermatic cord, which leads to impaired blood supply. In addition, with this violation, a rupture of the protein membrane is possible. If this occurs, it is extremely important to see a doctor as soon as possible - within 6 hours of the torsion. Later, complications are more likely to develop, including reduced sperm production or even loss of a testicle. The visible symptoms of torsion are: a sharp increase in the scrotum and difficulty urinating. In this situation, time cannot be pulled! Because as a result of a sharp violation of blood circulation, necrosis (death) of tissues will occur. Urgent medical help required! Torsion can be corrected manually by untwisting the testicle or, in difficult cases, by surgery.

It is better, of course, to try to avoid these and any other injuries to the testicles. And for this it is important once again not to take risks and preserve your manhood. For example, at least when playing football and other team games, always wear special "protection" - sports plastic cups for the groin area. And also once again do not go on the rampage, especially if you can solve the problem peacefully.