Kegel exercises for men that will make you a god of sex

Often in bed you need not so much professionalism as a good sports uniform that allows you to show good and high-quality sex. Kegel exercises will make a good lover out of a man. If you want to have an iron and powerful erection, then it's time to start training.

Doctor Arnold Kegel developed one of the most effective exercises for improving the muscles involved in sex. Initially, the exercises were intended for women who suffered from some sexual diseases. But after research, it turned out that Arnold Kegel exercises are also suitable for men.

How effective are Kegel exercises for men? Kegel exercises will help every man improve his sexual abilities. About 40% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction got rid of it with the help of Kegel exercises. 35% of men have improved their sexual abilities.

Strengthening and strengthening the pelvic floor muscle group allows a man to raise his sexual level or "pump the muscles" of the penis. This will allow you to have a powerful and strong erection, after short and simple workouts.

Which men are recommended to do Kegel exercises?

What to do if the erection is weak and insecure? What should I do if my penis falls during sex? What to do if the penis is bad and does not allow you to bring the woman to orgasm? How to have a stronger erection? How to last longer in sex? If you are asking yourself such questions, then Kegel exercises are recommended. But in any case, exercises will improve the erection of even a healthy man and will allow you not to have problems in sex for a very long time.

How to find the muscles responsible for erection and penis?

To start Kegel exercises, you should find the pubococcygeal muscle (PC) to be developed. To do this, when urinating, you need to try to hold the jet. The muscle tensed and involved in this is responsible for sex. This muscle is behind the testicles and can be felt. After you strain it, the testicles rise a little. After a clear definition of the position of the pubococcygeal muscle, training should begin.

How to do Kegel exercises for men?

Kegel exercises for men are great because they can be done anywhere and anytime. On the way to work, sitting in front of the computer or standing in line. Try to develop the habit of exercising every day. It's like a regular penis workout that makes the erection stronger.

It is this muscle that is responsible for the strength of the erection and the ability to give a woman long-term pleasure in bed. Tighten the pubococcygeal muscle and hold it like that for 5 seconds. Then relax the muscle and rest for 5 seconds. Repeat in a row 10-20 times. Do the exercises every day 3-4 times. If it is difficult to do so many approaches at once, then you should regularly and gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Varieties of Kegel exercises for men

In addition to the usual Kegel exercises, you can do some other variations that will allow you to pump your erection muscles even better. Versatile Kegel exercises will help you engage your penis muscles more effectively and improve your sexual skills.

  1. Sometimes doctors recommend doing Kegel exercises in different positions: standing, sitting and lying down.
  2. Do short Kegel exercises by contracting your muscles quickly for one second instead of 5 seconds as in regular workouts.
  3. Do a long Kegel workout keeping your muscles tense for 10-30 seconds.
  4. Squeeze the muscles of the anus and buttocks. So hold them for 5 seconds. Do 15-20 sets.
  5. Do a glute bridge. To do this, lie on your back and bend your knees. Now lift your pelvis up and then down. Do 15-20 repetitions.

After about 2 months of regular training, a man will feel positive changes in his sexual power. Kegel exercises will make him a good lover, with a powerful and firm erection. If you want to have a healthy potency and an iron erection, then start Kegel training right now.