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Just tired of living

At first, you laugh at people who quit everything, quit their jobs abruptly, buy a motorcycle, have young girlfriends, choose extreme sports, go to the seaside, become surfers, meditate among monks, just get drunk or have a blast. But then it covers you too, when you get tired of living, the routine suffocates in your arms, and hopelessness gives rise to despair. You start to think that changing everything isn't such a bad idea. What to do if you are just tired of living?

Adulthood sometimes feels like a punishment when you are more upset than happy. Trying to be humble, fighting for small goals, floundering and pretending to live. But in the soul there is a hole the size of the universe.

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An adult life in which you are tired of living

All people are happy until they understand adulthood. As a child, it seemed that an incredible, interesting, eventful and happy future awaited. You believed in the most wonderful dreams and big goals. But it turned out that it only seemed so. Adult life is less brilliant, less successful, less interesting, and less happy.

Gradually, the smile became less and less wide, and then disappeared altogether. You lose faith in the future and yourself. At this point, you start to think that you're just having a midlife crisis, but that's not much consolation. You begin to believe that life is not very successful, and you are a loser or worthlessness. On the other hand, you are not so bad when you have a job and a life that some people envy.

But then where does such sadness come from? I don’t want anything and I’m just tired of living. You are in a dead end, from which it is not at all clear how to get out. What to do? Indulge in all serious, but what to do with responsibility? Try something new, but what exactly? Where to turn if there are no prospects, the competition is fierce and nothing good is expected? There are always fewer answers than questions.

Change of life, which is already tired

Longing and despondency? Just tired of living that you want to end this boring tour? Do not rush to flog the fever. Everything can be changed if you are ready for change, and not cowardly sit and whine. When you have reached a dead end and a boiling point, it is time to deal with problems, and not continue to ignore them. You can't ignore a pebble in your shoe when it's time to get it out.

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problems. Something bothers you and worries you a lot. You have difficulties, a problem, a defeat or an impossible task in life. What exactly? Everyone has their own skeletons in the closet. Troubles in life, unsatisfactory relationships, lack of future prospects, crappy work or other troubles. You are not tired of living, but there is simply an unresolved problem. Find the reason for your sadness. It may be one little thing, but it will haunt.

2. Solve the unresolved problem

What difficulties do you have in your life? What needs to be addressed and what needs to be fixed? Understand your personal life, change your career, change jobs, learn a new specialty, try something new, go to another city, take care of yourself. Solve the problem that worries you, radically and thoroughly. Remove the factor that worries you, and life will get better there. Cut your Gordian knot that haunts you by tying you hand and foot.


3. Change your appearance and become more attractive

Change should start with appearance. Try a new hairstyle, new clothes, new style, new look. Find ways to transform for the better by taking care of your appearance and exercising. Change your appearance and become more attractive. When you look in the mirror, the mood will be better. Others will be more positive when they see an attractive person.

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What torments you, since you are so worried? Why are you tired of living? Maybe you left something valuable or made a wrong choice in your distant past? Sorrows, misses, partings, mistakes or missed opportunities. We have all made mistakes in life. Learn to be humble and leave the past in the past. Nothing can be changed or brought back. You can only act from where you are right now. Cross out the past once and for all, and now look at the present. What can you do for yourself today?

5. Try new things and change for new ones

You are not tired of living, and your life is rotten. Something from the past may not suit you, which means it needs to be changed. Find a new girlfriend, a new job, a new profession, new friends, new hobbies or a new place to live. Try something new in life more often. Go to new places, meet new people and get new experiences. It will be boring without exploring the world.

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6. Change your lifestyle

Change your habits that make you run in one circle. Start doing things differently and in a different way. Try something new and different, something that has never been done before. Change your lifestyle, bringing more sports, acquaintances, art, creativity, friends, hobbies, hobbies into it. Change your lifestyle so that it seems completely different. Lead the life you wanted or dreamed of for a long time.

7. Rest

When you don't want anything in life and you're tired of everything, then stop. Do not do anything. Are you just tired of running around in circles and being busy all the time? Start resting more. Set aside time for rest during work hours by taking breaks of 5-10 minutes every hour. Rest in the evening and relax. Get enough sleep by going to bed and getting up at the same time. Sleep at least 7-9 hours a night, and do not try to sleep off on weekends.

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8. Develop positive thinking

Smile. Just smile. Look at yourself in the mirror and then smile and wink. Smile on the street just by yourself. Smile to friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Develop positive thinking, look for good things in what is happening. Thank life for all the good things it has given you. Show optimism and cheerfulness more often, and the universe will smile back at you. You are not tired of life, you are just a little depressed.

9. Be more free

You do not have enough impressions and emotions for life due to excessive constriction. If life is too gray, then it needs to be painted in different colors. Get impressions and emotions, and do not stand on the sidelines. Don't be afraid to get to know each other, try something unusual, step out of your comfort zone, or let yourself be carried away by your senses. Stop denying yourself something all the time. Allow yourself to be free. Be yourself.

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more in life. Stop and think about life. Remain alone with yourself and rest, and then indulge in reflection. In silence, calmness and reflection, thoughts will come. You will find in yourself desires and dreams that you want to fulfill. You will find goals and make plans that you want to carry out. Think about life more often, and this will give flight to your dreams and fantasies. After that, you want something great. Do not be afraid to dream, as once in childhood.

11. Go all out

Go all out and live more often, not drag out existence. Life is not the days that have passed and are in the past. Life is those days that are remembered by interesting events, good mood, pleasant things, communication with wonderful people, eventful weekends, unusual adventures, wonderful memories and colorful travels.

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What to do in a situation when you are simply tired of living? You are not tired of living, it's just that you are not satisfied with everything that is around. Start with a new sheet, throwing out the old one. Buy a motorcycle, change jobs, move to another city, make a new passion, make new friends, travel more, enjoy life and follow your dreams. Live, don't exist…