Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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It's okay to be crazy in a sick society

In today's world, being normal is far from normal. Society is rotten, sick, selfish, corrupt and immoral. Why adapt to what is unhealthy and disgusting? It's normal to be crazy in a sick society.

We all grew up in this society and it is difficult to understand where the disease begins and what is really completely wrong. What does a normal life mean from the point of view of modern society? Society, starting from the school bench, brainwashes us, instills stereotypes and forces us to do what we ourselves do not want. This makes television, the Internet and modern idols that make you sick.

It's okay to be crazy in a sick society

• You have to study hard to get a normal job. There you have to compete with others and push them with your elbows in order to succeed. Working from morning till night at a job you hate.

• You must court and woo the prettiest female you can find. You will be forced to create a family unit and get married as soon as possible. Let's make as many children as possible.

• Buy more. Advertising forces us to buy unnecessary things in order to satisfy our thirst for consumption. Work harder to buy more things you don't even use.

• Go to clubs, spend money, enjoy bad habits, sleep with as many females as possible, spend days on social networks, take 100500 selfies, ruin yourself with alcohol, fast food and other slag.

• The government is brainwashing us, wars are going on, states are bombing other countries for democracy, corruption and an abundance of crime are rampant around.

• There are less and less real human relations, and the principle of deceiving one's neighbor has become the main one. Man is a wolf to man. Be selfish and an asshole.

• Relationships become short-lived and cynical. Love has become a business deal where people buy and sell. Everyone cheats on each other and pretends that it's so normal. Love has almost disappeared, and debauchery is rushing from all cracks. Girls are sold, they sell their bodies, and the word honor and morality have disappeared from everyday life.

Be crazy, be brave, be different. Do not let others tell you what you should and what you must do. Ignore tradition and prejudice. Be crazy and do whatever you want. Don't waste your life. As the protagonist of the film “Dyxless” said: “I do not call you into my world. Stay in yours. Just don't drag me there."