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It's better to be aggressive. How to become aggressive?

It would be great to live in an ideal world where good guys win and good people get lucky. But this is from the category of a mixture of fantasy and naivety. In the modern world, everything is different, but here the strong, energetic, arrogant, cunning and thoughtful survive. The secret of success and well-being lies in the basis of the aggressive qualities of a person's character. Dreaming of living to the fullest? Get more aggressive. It's not your problem that there are only weaklings and herbivores around.

Evolution is a process of natural selection that results in adaptation, modification and survival of the fittest individuals. Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection. Further genes transmit the most powerful and adaptive, producing the largest number of offspring.

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The innate aggressiveness of man

The process of evolution is often cruel, heartless and aggressive. There is no moral, good or bad. It all comes down to just one choice: survive or die. Nature does not care about your spiritual qualities and beauty. She judges by completely different laws, to the severity of which we have long been accustomed. Charles Darwin argued that the fittest survive and those who learn to adapt. But it's not only that. Man is the winner of the evolutionary race. But how could he conquer the planet being so weak?

“We became rulers of the Earth not because we were the smartest, and not even because we were the most vicious. No, the reason is that in the jungle we were the craziest, most bloodthirsty sons of bitches." Stephen King

We win when we are not afraid to be aggressive and crazy. The victors are cruel, insane and dangerous. They have no boundaries or restrictions. But the winners are not judged, and the losers do not write history and do not stay in it any longer. Do you want to achieve what you want, achieve goals, realize plans and outperform competitors? Awaken your natural aggression. Those who could bite the enemy's throat always survived. It is their barbaric and brutal genes that have come down to you.

Behind several millennia of civilization, but we have remained a bit of wild beasts. All our civility and upbringing quickly flies at the moment when we are exposed to the slightest risk. You don't even need to scrape to expose our innate aggression. People willingly plunge their fangs into the throat of an opponent if he crossed their path or encroached on prey.

Most people hide their animal nature, trying to be cultured and civilized. Others do not even disguise themselves and do not hide their innate inner warrior. We are all wild and aggressive, if you look closely. But if you try to be kind, others will eat you before they can show their fangs and strike back. Do you want to be a leader and a winner? Be aggressive.

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How to become more aggressive?

6.5 million years of evolution brought war in you, and the last millennium did not kill his spirit. You just have to release your natural essence a little. You should not think about the fact that it is recommended to be the last scoundrel, bastard and scoundrel. Aggression refers to the ability to be strong, firm, confident, ruthless and selfish. But just when needed.

The dark side of nature often helps us achieve more. It's like a large dog is not attacked and bypassed, seeing its fighting potential from afar. Do you want to achieve your goals and be respected? Show the fangs of aggression. Dreaming of beating a competitor? You should push with your elbows and fight fiercely for a place in the sun. Without aggression, a man turns into a mattress, a whiner and a weakling, but not a winner. How to become more aggressive? How to become a man?

1. Be aggressively persistent

Do you dream of getting a job, position, girlfriend or money? Any goal implies a struggle for it. You will always have competitors in the fight, and especially for the warm position of the boss. There will always be opponents in your personal life when other guys want your female too. The higher your goal, the more competitors and applicants. There will always be losers and winners. Why can't you be a winner?

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press without serious consequences. Many will kick a cowardly mongrel, but few will dare to kick an aggressive fighting dog. How to become aggressive? Be the one who will definitely hit back twice as hard. Be someone who cannot be twisted, twirled or offended. It is dangerous to mess with you, and even more so to make an enemy. Yourself is more expensive.

3. Speak firmly and clearly

Express your opinion, thought or desire clearly. Try to speak confidently, clearly, firmly, loudly, with conviction and specifically. Tell people what you think about them, and don't cowardly shut up. Say "no" when it's not in your best interest. Avoid empty excuses and unnecessary apologies. Do not listen to unconstructive criticism and gossip. Stop depending on other people's opinions and don't try to please everyone.

4. Be confident

Always judged by how you put yourself and put yourself. Behave confidently, do not slouch, do not fuss, straighten your shoulders, move calmly, look into your eyes. You feel at ease, not awkward or pinched. You are confident and firm, like a stone block. Friendly and courteous, but can be aggressive.

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. Someone runs over, offends or throws impartial words? Get aggressive back. Give a disapproving look, a caustic comment, ridicule from the heart or put in place. Advise your opponent to do business, not nonsense. Do not give up your interests and do not let yourself be offended.

6. Be selfish to protect your interests

Most people are selfish, but as soon as you try to be so, you are accused of all mortal sins? You are not obliged to solve other people's problems, succumb to manipulation, do extra work, take on extraneous responsibilities, lend money or enter into a position. Be selfish and stand up for your own interests. Become aggressive and cruel when life forces you.

7. Be active

Do you prefer to sit silently and not stick your nose out for fear of offending someone? Voice what others are afraid to say and express. Do what others are cowardly. You will definitely be appreciated when they see strength in your actions. You will be respected for activity, not cowardly inaction. You speak, act, and move where others cowardly, surrender, and retreat.

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8. Take risks and break the rules

Find your inner aggressive warrior to win. Break the rules, taboos and the usual course of life. Do not act within the framework that others have created and imposed. Break established stereotypes and taboos. Grab opportunities and take risks, rather than stand on the sidelines of luck.

9. Go in for sports

The strong are always respected and feared. Go to the gym, swing and do martial arts. A healthy man is always dangerous and respected.

Who said that life is fair? The strongest always win. This is the law of evolution, which continues to work for millions of centuries in a row. Who is aggressive, courageous, daring and active? Winner, not loser. Choose for yourself who you want to be.