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It doesn't take much to be happy

Society loves to impose false values ​​on people that are not really needed for happiness. Many things are overrated, not so important, and sometimes even interfere with becoming happy. Stop following the crowd, listening to others and depending on the opinions of others. It doesn't take much to be happy.

The global corporations, the consumer society, the easy-goers and gray people have imposed dubious values ​​on us. Happiness is not at all in what they show us and want to inspire. They impose their values ​​and desires on us when each person has his own way to happiness.

You don't need much to be happy. Erroneous values ​​

“Only thoughts make a person unhappy or happy, not external circumstances. By controlling his thoughts, he controls his happiness.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Happiness does not require a permanent and stable job

The most important thing in life is a stable and reliable job. There may be no prospects at work, wages are low, and you are unhappy, but this is “normal”. It is a big mistake to hold on to a job just because it is reliable and almost no one claims it.

In today's world it is considered a good rule to change jobs every 3-4 years. Sometimes it is necessary to change not only the place of work, but also the field of activity. Stop fearfully holding on to a job you don't like. Learn new things, educate yourself, grow professionally, gain experience and try yourself in other areas.

Relationships, marriage and family are not needed to be happy

We like to be convinced by married comrades, parents and the older generation of the importance of the family. In the chain, after the birth, study and start of work, one should get married. You will be constantly pushed to find a soul mate, go to the registry office, start a family and have children.

But the modern world is not like that at all. You don't need relationships or family to be happy. Nobody says they are bad, but it should be a conscious choice. When you come to this on your own. In loneliness and the search for oneself, there is much that family can only envy.

You don't need show-offs to be happy

We are used to showing off the attributes of a good life: a new phone, branded items, travel, expensive restaurants, beautiful cars. But all this does not make people happy. This endless pursuit of show-offs makes us miserable.

Stop seeking approval from others. Show off on social networks a beautiful and happy life. In front of whom to show off? Decide for yourself what you need to be happy.

You don't need education to be happy

Graduate from the most prestigious university, get the best education and be happy. But this hasn't worked for a long time. The best education does not open the door to a happy life. The value of a higher education diploma is questionable.

Now more important than skills, skills, desire to learn, diligence, communication skills, dedication, diligence. Look for what you are good at, what works and what you like. Education will not make you happy if you get it formally for a crust.

You don't need a lot of money to be happy

The biggest mistake people make is that they think money is the most important thing. Rich and happy is not the one who has a lot of money, but who has enough for his life. Some people spend their whole lives chasing paperwork that they forget to be happy all the time. We all die, and sometimes very early. Other things are more important. What is needed for happiness? Answer yourself the following questions.

  • How do you feel and how do you perceive in life?
  • Do you like what you do?
  • Are you satisfied with relationships or being alone?
  • Do you have time for your favorite hobbies and interests?
  • Did you find like-minded people and those with whom it is interesting?
  • How full of interesting events is your life?
  • Do you manage to follow your dreams?
  • How happy are you every day in your life?
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Society has imposed on us erroneous values ​​that are sometimes not necessary for happiness. Happiness is closer than we think. It does not need limousines, planes, cars and other tinsel. You don't need much to be happy...