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Is it worth it to fight in any conflict?

Often on the street, in a bar, and anywhere else, you may encounter someone trying to provoke a conflict. How to talk with gopniks, hooligans and just drunk assholes? Is it worth it to fight in any conflict, for an insult or a challenge? How to get out of such situations?

On the street, offended by punks, hurt your companion or find fault with your appearance? Got into a difficult situation and do not know how to behave? Is it worth it to fight right away in any conflict, or is it better to try to get away from the conflict? What to do with pride, insults and similar antics on the part of scumbags?

Is it worth fighting in any conflict?

Stay confident at the beginning of the conflict

Do you think to fight or not? Do not rush to rush into the crowd of enemies. It is not at all known how the conflict will end. The enemy may turn out to be a professional fighter, he may have a weapon in his pocket or friends nearby. Often, after a fight, its participants go to jail, get injured or go to the cemetery. The best fight is the one that doesn't take place.

Keep inner peace. Demonstrate confident behavior, not fear, fright, fuss or anxiety. Let the enemy feel that he is dealing with a strong opponent who is not afraid of conflict: “Che, those?”, “What do you want?”, “Someone asked you?”, “Who are you?”, “Easy”, "Do we need it?" The enemy must understand that he will not leave whole either.

How to talk to a gopnik, punks or scumbags

If you are recommended to come closer or make claims about your appearance, then you should not be led by gopniks. As soon as you obediently approach them or start making excuses for the color of the sneakers, everything is gone. They are boys and you are a sucker. Universal answers to the claims of punks and gopniks exist. The main thing is not to bend and not succumb to provocations.

  • Gopnik shouts: “Hey, come here”, “Hey, stop” You can just stop and say: “What?”, “What?”, “You need it, you come over”
  • Gopnik holds out his hand. Do not shake back, but ask: "Who are you?"
  • Gopnik runs over: “Where are you from?”, “Do you have any money?”, “Give me the phone!”, “Who are you in life?” Answer to claims: “I don’t know you”, “For what purpose are you interested?”

In conversation, hold your ground, don't explain anything, don't make concessions, don't apologize, don't bend. Do not give the opportunity to provoke and get the moral right to attack, rob, humiliate. Be polite but firm. The purpose of your conversation is that he himself must explain what he needs. In 90% of cases, just be silent and answer in monosyllables. For you, a draw is a win. Let the gopnik finish the dialogue first.

How to fight in conflict

Is it worth fighting in any conflict? Try to avoid it, but be confident. If a fight is unavoidable, strike. In case of great danger and a crowd of attackers - run, scream, call the police, break the window or set the alarm on the car.

Often the usual conversation can come to naught and there will be no reason for a fight. This is the best variant. But when talking, be ready to start a fight at any moment. Watch the enemy's right hand, the space around you and the actions of his friends.

If you see that a fight cannot be avoided, then strike first. Don't wait, depending on what effect your first hit had on him. Hit him while he's on his feet. If the crowd is against you, then feel free to use a stick, brick or other items to fight.

Often, even the presence of a spray can, a knife or a pistol may not stop the attackers. But don't be afraid to use them. Better to go to jail for exceeding self-defense than go to heaven or be crippled for life.

Even if you most likely win the fight, don't tempt fate. Hit a couple of times and run. Do not wait for the appearance of his friends, a knife from his pocket or a police patrol. Run away as fast as you can.

Jason Statham in The Hummingbird Effect in a fight with hooligans