Is it necessary to reconcile with fate?

Very often people run all their lives for an unattainable goal, work all the time, never rest, and rarely see their loved ones. They hope to achieve their dreams, become rich, achieve success and bask in luxury. But what happens if you find out right now that you will never be rich and successful? How will you act and what will you do? Does a person need to reconcile with fate and what to do?

“However, it is clear that this is how it was written in his family...” M. Yu. Lermontov.

Fate is a set of events that will affect a person and his future life. Fate, fate, fate, share, higher power - these are the words that we call the predestination of circumstances and events. Someone believes in it, and someone stubbornly denies it. All this is laid from childhood, when we begin to dream and fantasize about the future.

As children, the future seemed like something magical, unusual and wonderful, until we came face to face with it. The real routine turned out to be not so festive and bright, which caused offensive annoyance and even greatly disappointed.

In adulthood, dreams have proven difficult or even impossible. As a result, we work all our lives for whole days that we do not even see white light. We are chasing money, wealth, fame, fame and success. But we spend so much time and effort on this that some questions of expediency arise. But what if you are not destined to achieve some desired goal or dream?

What happens if I tell you that you will never be rich and successful?

Most likely you will never be wealthy and successful, no matter how hard you try and try. A significant part of your efforts may turn out to be empty and meaningless. You can spend your whole life at work, killing yourself over goals or doing business, but you never get a dream in the end. It will be very embarrassing. Should a person resign himself to fate or still continue to fight?

Try to accept the fact that you will never have a yacht, a villa, a limousine and a lot of money. That you will not be famous, successful, popular and famous. All dreams are unreal and will only remain dreams. What will you feel?

On the one hand, you will feel tremendous disappointment, sadness, longing and depression. All your castles in the air are destroyed.

But, on the other hand, you will feel tremendous relief, as if a stone has fallen from your soul. You do not need to tear your strength and soul to try to get the unattainable. You do not need to kill yourself at work and work hard for days. You do not need to shrink, allocate time and waste your resources. You are free. You seem to have already lost, which means you can just enjoy the game.

It's hard to say what's best for you. If you will never be rich and successful, then why fuss and live in eternal tension? Why climb out of your skin when you don't get dough or fame? Enjoy your life.

Should a person accept fate?

No one knows how life will end and what will happen next. Is it necessary to accept fate and fight for dreams when they are practically unrealistic? Maybe it's easier to let go and score? But will it be a surrender of positions and a betrayal of oneself? Maybe it's cowardice and weakness of character?

Can it be wiser to be a fatalist who believes in fate and its signs? Maybe there is a predestination of everything that happens, but is it easier and more correct to submit to fate? Just go with the flow and hope for the best?

Everyone decides for himself how and then he pays for it. Should a person resign himself to fate? No one knows, except fate, how to act more correctly. But if you need some kind of strategy or action plan, then here it is. There are two options in total.

1. Accept your fate

Carefully consider all your dreams and goals. In 99% of cases, they will be unrealistic and unattainable. You'll never get it, and it's time to break your sand castles. Live as if you will never be rich and successful.

When you stop chasing unrealistic goals, you begin to feel completely free. You do not what you need, but what you want. You devote time to hobbies, hobbies, desires, passions. You do what you love, spend time with loved ones, relax, go out with friends, travel and enjoy life.

When you discard an unattainable goal, then life becomes more pleasant and fulfilling. You can set some more realistic and mundane goals, which will have a good effect on their performance. You will be able to conquer attainable peaks and enjoy the fruits of victory.

Is it necessary to put up with an unhappy fate? Absolutely not. It is necessary to distinguish between an unhappy situation with unrealistic requests. If you are not satisfied with the job, relationships, place of residence and lifestyle, then change them. You are not a tree, which means you can move in the direction of a better life. Resign yourself to fate, but do not accept an unhappy life.

2. Do not resign yourself to fate

Sometimes dreams are really unattainable and extremely difficult. Many people want to become a popular blogger, businessman or star, but how realistic is it? But if you like being a blogger and making videos? If you like what you do, do you do it not only for money?

If your activities make you happy, then you should do it, even this will not bring money and fame. Do what your soul lies to and your heart burns.

You may never be rich and successful, but what the hell is not kidding? Even yesterday's loser today becomes successful, famous and rich. The main argument to persist in the dream is that luck is an unpredictable thing. Fortune can be on your side at any moment when you least expect it. And there all dreams will come true. Do not resign yourself to fate, but chase your dreams and goals. You will succeed.

Resign to fate or fight? I think that it is not the goal and the dream that is important, but the road to it. Will you get to her? Nobody knows. Even fate.