Instructions for guys who still don't have a girlfriend

Now you are sitting and thinking that you won’t drive up to a girl, they will kick me out anyway, everyone wants rich machos. But any guy can win a certain girl, subject to a few rules.

I am a girl, I am 23 years old. Over the past 7 years, I have drawn a parallel proving that a certain girl can be won by, well... any guy. The main thing is to follow a few rules.

Guys who want to see decent girls around them, this post is for you! Don't be lazy and read!

The post is also dedicated to one of my acquaintances, a young man who is afraid to take the first step in my direction, and I'm already tired of waiting 🙂

Do you want to meet a girl on the street/metro/cafe/train? Show respect and attention to the girl! Now you are sitting and thinking - you won’t drive up to a girl, they’ll kick me out anyway, everyone wants rich machos, etc.? Now, listen here:

Forget Hollywood superheroes! You yourself are a superhero!

It's raining outside, and a pretty girl walks without an umbrella and gets wet? Don't be afraid! Just open an umbrella over her and walk beside her! Drop unnecessary words - she will thank you herself and in 70% of cases will offer her phone number.

In the supermarket, the girl in front of you at the checkout does not have time to quickly put the purchases into packages? Come and help her pack the groceries without a word! What percentage out of 100 will you leave the store together? At 73%!

You get off the minibus, behind the girl also gets off at your stop. Get out of the transport first and give her a hand. 88% of beautiful ladies shake hands with gallant gentlemen when getting off the transport. And 67% of gentlemen then escort the lady to the entrance 🙂

Envelop the stranger with light care and support - and she will not remain in debt!

Author: catinhat