Instructions for girls or how to treat women

If the girls need detailed instructions, then we wrote it. Men's rules about a beautiful field or how to treat women with maximum benefit for you. Instructions for a man, which should be attached to every girl.

For any complex technique they give a manual, but not for girls. Today we will make up for this horrendous injustice. Especially for you, we have prepared a set of clear rules about girls or instructions that men pass on from generation to generation. Men's rules about girls and how to treat them. 30 rules that will make communication with girls much easier and more enjoyable.

Instructions for girls or how to treat women

1. Crisis and difficulties in a girl are opportunities for a man.

2. Never be a good boy and do what you think is right.

3. When looking for a new girl should look at 100%.

4. Immediately show the girl your confidence and masculinity. Show off is always relevant.

5. Trust your girlfriend, but don't trust the guys who hang around her.

6. If girls don't like you, then you're not an asshole enough.

7. Girls love successful people more than beautiful ones. But beautiful and successful are all competitions.

8. Suddenly meet a girl when you come to see her. Make her heart flutter.

9. Do everything for a girl who doesn't love or appreciate you? Dismiss!

10. Take a drunk girl home just like that? Of course not just like that.

11. If you have another girlfriend, then you should not hide it, but it is better to immediately part with the former.

12. You have everything to be loved by girls.

13. Love has no ethics and teachers.

14. It is impolite to remind a girl of her unfortunate moments.

15. Girls do not answer the phone for two reasons: she loves you or hates you.

16. If you are dating a girl, you sleep together. And no "buts".

17. Being a handsome man is worth a lot. Gym, healthy food and even cosmetics.

18. A girl always consults with her friends and talks about you.

19. Compliments improve the quality of relationships. A woman becomes more active in the household and sex.

20. Pride is more important than relationships. If you are treated badly, then you do not have to endure it.

21. Run away from disgruntled and pessimistic women. Look for cheerful, smiling and positive girls.

22. Unrequited love is meaningless. Just leave.

23. You are not obliged to spend your money on the desires of other women.

24. Don't think of a long relationship as sex, but a short fling as a relationship.

25. Men don't grow up, they just get older. You're not old, just older than her.

26. You are not a child to be scolded by a woman or commanded.

27. You can't find your love until you pass all the tests.

28. There is only one way to deal with the pain of separation. The girl is kicked out by the girl.

29. You don't have to answer all the girl's questions. Sometimes it is enough, instead of answering, to shrug.

30. Life is short, and love sometimes passes quickly. Stop fussing. Enjoy the moment, relationships, love and sex.

What would you add?