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Injustice and retribution

Sometimes we think that life is unfair. It is not good people who win in this world, but evil, greedy, bad, vile and petty. But do not be like bad people or take revenge on them. All evil turns against them, and retribution is always inevitable.

Mikami Teru

There is a concept of good and bad, but each person is his own judge. He exposes his limits of what is permitted for himself personally. Most people do not allow themselves to deceive others, offend, create lawlessness, cause evil and lawlessness.

But some people consider themselves smarter than others. They stop being human and start doing injustice. With the help of deceit, crime and violation of human norms, they achieve their goal. Man ceases to be man. He begins the path of a criminal, bandit, fascist, scoundrel, bastard or bastard.

Bad people think that everyone was deceived and won. They can bathe in gold, get positions, and enjoy outsmarting others. They smile and pretend that everything is fine. But bad people are well aware that they have done evil and that all this can return like a boomerang. For all evil, life sooner or later punishes to the fullest. Bad people subconsciously wait all their lives for retribution for their negative deeds. Kara always overtakes them.

Think of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. In it, the old pirate Billy Bones took possession of the treasure map and is hiding from his friends. Billy Bones knew that sooner or later they would get him. Every day he drank shamelessly and cowardly expected retribution for his past crimes. Billy Bones knew that retribution would come and it came when he was handed the black mark. Billy Bones died of fear after suffering a stroke. Gold didn't save him.

This is the story of all bad people. They do evil, but they understand that punishment will overtake them sooner or later. They rejoice in their wealth, position, power and enjoy life. But in the depths of their souls lies the blind pirate Billy Bones, who cowardly awaits the black mark and the boomerang of fate. The worst thing for them is the daily expectation of retribution, even if they are afraid to admit it to themselves.

Look at the people from the underworld. Most of them spend their lives in prison. They die early, and their life of crime is complete and boring shit. Look at those people who stole billions. They are punished by people like themselves. Often life punishes bad people through children. The children of many wealthy parents become drunkards, get hooked on drugs, die in car accidents, or receive other retribution.

Bad people do not get retribution immediately, but later. They have time to improve, but few people take advantage of this chance. Bad people wait for their punishment all their lives, and when it inexorably comes, they immediately understand why.

A bad person is like the pirate Billy Bones, who lives in perpetual anxiety and wakes up in fear. He considers any bad event the beginning of retribution, even if it is still an accident. So time after time a negative person waits for his punishment. But she always comes from where she did not expect. Retribution overtakes the scoundrel slowly, but inexorably.

Bad people ceased to be people the moment they committed crimes and human laws. Anyone who commits evil and immoral acts will definitely be punished.

Injustice will always bring retribution. If a person has committed evil, then the “black mark” has already been written out and will be passed on by life. But a little later. Let them wait for now...

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