Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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immoral celebrities

Why are almost all celebrities inadequate, immoral, obnoxious and so base? Why do jerks and prostitutes become so famous? Why do celebrities consider ordinary people to be gray masses and teach them how to live? How to put a presumptuous celebrity in his place?

90% of the stars that are shown on TV and the Internet have an extreme rejection of personality. But the thing is that we ourselves gave the opportunity to become famous and famous to those who do not deserve it at all.

Celebrities have become "bohemian" and "elite", who do not consider other people as people. Celebrities do not respect ordinary people, calling them cattle, servants and gray mass. They spit on people and make fun of them. They boast of their money and vices, spitting on everyone else.

From the height of their dubious fame, they teach the lives of other people, bringing nothing useful to this world and representing nothing. Absolute and worthless zeros.

Celebrities can afford anything from insults to physical harm. They get into scandals, fights and accidents. But they always pay off using money and connections.

Celebrities carry perverted morals, principles and manners. They become the idols of the youth. The younger generation admires cheap and mediocre ephemera that are nothing of themselves.

Almost all the so-called stars have become famous thanks to non-talents. They made scandals and used baser instincts to be remembered. They engaged in prostitution, sleeping with everyone who offered enough goodies for it.

And now they teach us about life. They call whoredom and immorality the norm, but ridicule worthy professions, good people, morality and principles.

How to put a celebrity in his place?

What is the reason for the popularity of stars that cause only a feeling of disgust? There is a lot of talk and discussion about them. We don't admire beautiful music, culture, science, doing the right thing, and doing other good things.

People are interested in gossip, dirt, vices, perversions and troubles. We are interested in people without talents, intelligence, principles and morals. We ourselves make choices every day when we choose what information to consume.

That's why prime-time television discusses skeletons in the closet and dirty laundry of famous people. It is for this reason that yellow news about celebrities is most often read on the Internet, although they only cause a feeling of contempt.

From all sides, news about celebrities is pouring in, which is extremely unpleasant for us in our hearts. Who laugh at ordinary people and despise them. What to do? How not to let spit in your face of any scum that, by chance, surfaced like shit on a wave of popularity?

Stop giving them the opportunity to be famous. In the West, they have long found leverage over presumptuous celebrities. Identify those who are not pleasant to you and put them on full ignore. Let them be one-day stars that no one will remember tomorrow.

  • Do not watch on TV those who are unpleasant to you.
  • Do not read the news on the Internet about those who are disgusting.
  • Post on social networks and do not follow their lives.
  • Do not go to concerts, exhibitions and other events.
  • Don't be a hater that only makes stars more popular.
  • Turn on complete disregard for those who spits at you. Don't waste your anger on them, just ignore them.

Celebrities don't care what they say about them. The main thing is that it was definitely discussed, said and not forgotten. They want to be talked about, so don't give it to them.

If people do this, then the stars will quickly go into circulation. They will not be broadcast on. They will not be written about on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers. They will become one-day stars from the past who are of no interest to anyone. They'll be in the trash where they belong.

We ourselves choose those whom we watch on TV and on the Internet. Spit on mediocrity, prostitutes, worthlessness and immoral stars.

Make known those who deserve it and are of interest to you. And let the immoral stars go into oblivion in the trash.