Ideal type of girl

The ideal girl - what is she like? The male half of humanity, of course, is ready to marry and live until the end of their days with an ideal girl...

When asked what type of girls is considered ideal, most men will name banal qualities - loving, understanding, beautiful, and also sexy, sexy, a good housewife and mother.

Some men say that the chosen one should also be smart. Moreover, so smart as not to demonstrate her mind to a man and inadvertently not suppress male self-esteem.

Let's look at these qualities in order and evaluate whether they really are the qualities of an ideal girl or are they just outdated stereotypes imposed on you by society.

1. A loving girl

When you think about who a loving girl is, a girl with a smile on her face appears standing next to her man and brushing non-existent dust particles from his perfectly ironed suit. Then she gently kisses his slightly unshaven cheek and gazes admiringly into his eyes. Truth? Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it?

Have you ever thought about how this same lady will behave if her boyfriend rejects the incoming call of her call several times, does not answer her on WhatsApp (as an option), while being “online” with someone then to others... (or with someone "other").

Or a worse option - he will come home around midnight, and his suit, from which she brushed off those very non-existent dust particles in the morning, will give her a train of someone else's women's perfume?

I think what will happen next is clear, and does not need comments. The only question that arises is - these tears and showdowns - is this love? Love for whom or for what? After all, true love does not depend on someone's behavior, but love is an unconditional feeling, right? They love not for something, but in spite of! Or do we love in people THE way they love us? Perhaps this is a more appropriate description of evaluative love.

We took a too harsh, provocative example.

Let's take something simpler.

At the first stages of dating, the girl showed the man her independence and self-sufficiency. As a true hunter, these qualities seemed very attractive to him, he fell in love and made every attempt to conquer her. The lady really liked the methods of his courtship, and she also fell in love and gave up! The man, having won the long-awaited trophy, stopped the defense of the impregnable fortress and calmed down, tempering his ardor.

And a girl, accustomed to being won over with gifts, flowers and sweets, suddenly loses her former adoration and admiration.

It is not difficult to guess what will happen next. And then she will begin to cry and accuse the man of deceiving her, at first he achieved, and now he is cold with her.

And now the question is - did she love at all? Or was she flattered that he boosted her low self-esteem in such a beautiful way? You ask why underestimated? And what if she evaluates herself only with sweets, bouquets and compliments with which he charmed her?

It is precisely such girls that men seem to love for some reason, although there is nothing from true love here.

A loving girl will never tie a man to her with tears, reproaches and instill in him a false sense of guilt. A loving girl with self-esteem will never connect her life with a partner who allows herself to humiliate her with unworthy behavior, and she herself will never humiliate herself to such a level. Such a girl cannot truly love a man until she loves herself.

Therefore, if you allow yourself some kind of obscene behavior towards your lady, most likely, she allows you this behavior, because she does not love herself. And without self-love, there can be no love for other people. Remember this. And do not confuse low female self-esteem with female love. This is different.

2. Beautiful girl

The second ideal type of girl is a beautiful girl. A man is definitely flattered if his chosen one is beautiful. Subconsciously, he demonstrates to society (primarily to other males) that he is an Alpha male, since he can afford a beautiful female, who is also interesting to other males, but chose him.

Of course, each person has his own concept of beauty, but in general, by appearance it is easy to understand whether a girl is beautiful or not.

By the way, very often a very spectacular girl is considered beautiful, although, in fact, she is not. Spectacular - sometimes more important than beautiful.

In fact, as the people say, “do not drink water from the face”, and time erases traces of beauty on the faces of not only women. And believe me, female beauty is not such an important quality that should be taken into account when choosing a partner.

Think, why are you so flattered by her beauty? Most likely, you yourself have problems with self-esteem.

3. Sexuality and sex appeal

The third important quality for married life (especially in youth and maturity) is sexuality and sex appeal.

As a rule, the number of sexual contacts with the years of married life in a couple decreases. This is due to several reasons - the hormones that drove both partners crazy during the period of falling in love are no longer secreted in the proper amount, the appearance of children takes too much time, effort and sleep, and most men and women already want to have sex all night long less and less.

Make a conclusion - if you considered sexuality one of the priority qualities of an ideal girl when you decided to marry her, then what kind of impasse will your family life go to when she does not want sex due to pregnancy, childbirth, illness, breastfeeding child, etc. And what if a sexier girl appears on your horizon?...

We conclude that sex is, of course, a very important part of married life, without it there is no way, but the external sexuality of a girl is not a criterion of ideality, which should be navigate.

The sexuality of many girls is revealed to the full only with the birth of a child. Therefore, do not write off a girl who does not seem sexy enough at first glance.

4. Good hostess

What can I say? Everything is clear without words. By marrying a good mistress, you will be fed up, I hope only in a good way. For lunch, she will serve you with the heat of the first and second, and dessert, and compote. And at home she has perfect cleanliness, and the children are full, cleanly dressed and washed.

Good quality for life - but not fundamental again. Surely, you know examples of families of friends or acquaintances, where a woman does not cook at all, her husband does it for her - and they live in perfect harmony.

So, we looked at several ideal types of girls, but did not find out which type of girl is truly ideal?

But no. There are no ideal girls and their ideal types. All this lives in our stereotypes and opinions imposed by society. It cannot be said that an outwardly unattractive girl who is far from ideal housekeeping cannot be a good wife and mother. Definitely, it can.

So don't get hung up on some ideal types of girls! Listen to your heart, it will never deceive you. You are not perfect either, but still there is one who will forgive you that outwardly you are not Apollo, you don’t give her diamonds and you don’t drive to foreign resorts. She will love you honestly and disinterestedly, just like that, for what you are!