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Ideal future

If you let everything take its course, you may find that life goes awry, work is bad, relationships are unlucky, dreams are not achievable, and the future is foggy. How to build an ideal future and be happy?

“At the end of the road, when you look back, you want to believe that you used all the opportunities that you had, you want to believe that something good is left after you You want life to not be in vain. Lucas Scott

Without a plan in this life, nowhere. If you hope for luck and maybe, then you can screw everything up. How to build and make your ideal future a reality? Take a notebook and a pen. Let's start building our future right now.

Ideal future

1. Describe ideal self

How do you look, what figure, what weight, muscle corset, appearance and style. What skills and qualities do you have? What about your communication, intelligence, goodwill, sense of humor, initiative, confidence?

2. Ideal job

What do you have a soul for, what do you dream of doing, what kind of work do you like? What do you need to start working there or do what you want? What knowledge, education and qualities are required? Do you want to become a lawyer, programmer or businessman? What kind of work will allow you to get the right level of income for an ideal life?

3. Money

Where will you get money from? How to earn? Do you hope to get all the money only at work? There are active and passive income. Active income is a constant work, as a result of which money appears. Passive income appears without direct participation and active actions. Passive income is royalties, income from a business or investment. It is good to combine two incomes or switch to a passive one, which allows you to do something else and free your hands.

4. Place of ideal life

Where do you want to live? In the capital, metropolis, small town, near the sea, lake or in the mountains? Maybe in the summer in one place, and in the winter in another? What does your ideal home look like, what furniture, rooms. Where do you want to go, how to spend the weekend and where are you going on vacation?

5. Ideal health

Everyone wants to be healthy and young, but what should be done to achieve this? What sports do you like to do, how often and regularly? To be athletic, thin or beefy? How are things with a healthy lifestyle, nutrition?

6. Perfect love

What would an ideal second half look like? What qualities and appearance do you have? How realistic is it to meet such a girl in real life? How to find a girl and how to become the most worthy of her? Is it possible to meet her on social networks, in a club, or is it easier to find her in a park on the street or in the subway?

7. Ideal relationships with other people

Family, friends, relatives, acquaintances. How do you see them in real life? How to build an ideal relationship and close circle?

8. Ideal day

What would a normal day look like? What emotions will you experience? The pleasure of self-realization, the joy of communicating with loved ones. How to make life rich, lively and bright?

Have you painted your ideal life? Now make an action plan for each item for a year and five years ahead. What do you need to achieve to get closer to your ideal life? What steps and actions should be taken?

American President Franklin Roosevelt, who led the United States during the global economic crisis and World War II, said:

"The only obstacle to the implementation of our plans for tomorrow can be our today's doubts."