I want nothing and nothing works

How often did you have problems with life changes, change for the better and finding motivation? Often we fail at all, even with some effort, which leads to the final loss of motivation. As a result, everyday problems push all our plans and dreams into the background. What to do when you don’t want anything and nothing comes out of the word “absolutely”?

Hitting an invisible ceiling every day, stepping on habitual rakes and facing problems? At one point in your life, you will not want to do absolutely everything, as if you have run out of strength and fuse. The main reason lies not only in the fact that everything is not going the way you want. The main reason will be the loss of motivation for any action. Nothing works out for you, which means there is no point in fighting.

What to do when you don't want anything?

I don't want anything or nothing happens? First or second? Usually both troubles add up. But the whole problem is that those who make too little effort and make too few attempts do not succeed.

The reason for failure lies precisely in this. You can’t reach your goal if you try too little or give up after a couple of failures. In any business, from sports to business, you need constancy and perseverance. So the problem is not that it doesn’t work, but that you don’t want anything and you always give up. It turns out that you need to look for strong motivation that does not disappear even after a couple of defeats.

Motivation drains even from the best of us when it is dissolved by the next turmoil or problem. Hoping for motivation to come out of nowhere is hard, but there are great ways to incentivize change. What to do when "I don't want to do anything"? How to act how to break yourself through “I don’t want”?

How to find motivation? Here are the motivations that will definitely work, as well as a backup plan called "20%".

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habits, sprinkle over affairs and fulfill plans for the day, then you need a reward. Think of the reward that you will receive if you fulfill your ideas and maintain discipline.

Don't want anything? Think about personal motivation and reward. Let it be another episode of the series, watching YouTube, some time on social media, playing on a console, a piece of goodies, a walk or a love affair. Come up with a cool reward that will support and inspire you.

2. Come up with a punishment to motivate

Do you want nothing and give up everything quickly? Gingerbread does not always work for motivation when the stick works perfectly. Come up with a punishment for unproductiveness, laziness and cowardice. Choose something that you love least in life. The punishment should be severe enough that you try your best to avoid it. You know your weaknesses, which means you can come up with something unpleasant.

Are you not doing something right? Work, business, sports, healthy eating? Eat something tasteless as a punishment but good for your health. Deprive yourself of social networks for a day, do 100 push-ups, go for a run, give money to a musician on the street.

Such a punishment is an excellent motivator when you don’t want anything. When the reward is not very important, the whip can force action. This should stimulate action to avoid punishment at all costs. It's just that some work only from under the whip.

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3. Find like-minded people and controllers

Find those people who will help you in business. It is much easier to work in a company, do the right thing, play sports or learn something. Like-minded people will motivate, push, help and encourage change. You always want to reach out to the best, but in a great and suitable company it is 100 times easier.

Agree with someone close to you who will push you and to whom you will regularly report. You have to promise someone to do something at a certain time. You can bet on money with someone from relatives and friends. Look for people in front of whom you will be uncomfortable and ashamed of weakness or laziness. Announce your plans to them and ask them to be the one you report to for results.

What to do if nothing comes out? Method 20%

I don't want anything and nothing happens? Motivation does not work well, and you completely gave up? When your dreams, goals and objectives are huge, everything seems unrealistic. Start small. Do only 20% of what you expect to get, maybe even 10 or 5.

Want to lose 10 kilos? Decide that 2 kg will be enough for you. When you drop them, you will want more, because it was not difficult. Push-ups 100 times is difficult, but if you try 20, then it is quite possible to learn. Writing a novel is hard, but the first 10 pages are easy. Becoming a famous blogger is difficult, but becoming an average blogger is quite possible. Starting to earn $2,500 from your business is hard, but getting $500 is real. It is very difficult to get the level of knowledge of English “Super advanced (Mastery)”, but you can set the bar for yourself in “Elementary level (Elementary)”.

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Set yourself a target goal 20% less than you dream. But upon reaching, raise it again and again. It is always difficult to take the very first step, and then things will go. It is important not to give up along the way.

I don't want anything and nothing happens? You know what you want, you're just afraid to say it even to yourself. Set 20% of your goal and plan to start. Now act, but do not give up after the difficulties encountered, but fight and look for other loopholes. Forward!