I tried, but it doesn't work. It's not enough to fight, you have to win

Often we try to do something or strive for something, but nothing happens. We try many times, and everything ends equally sadly. As a result, we say: “I tried, but it doesn’t work!” But in life it's not enough to fight, but you have to win. What's the point of getting into a fight if you don't plan to win, but only break your nose?

Many people say after a defeat, "I tried, but it doesn't work." But isn't that more than a banal excuse? You don't say, "I tried to find a toilet and go to it, but I didn't find it." You will always find a toilet or a place where you can close this issue. When you really want something, nothing and no one can stop you. You will always find a solution.

But when it comes to some goals, we begin to look for excuses in unsuccessful attempts. If you fail, then find another method and try again. Stop saying that you tried and did something if you didn’t achieve the result. It is not enough in life to try or to pretend that you have tried languidly. It's not enough to fight in life, but you have to win. Otherwise, all this is more like an imitation of violent activity. Why deceive yourself?

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Have you tried it but it doesn't work? Methods for solving the problem

1. Analyze your strategy

When you find yourself in a dead end, because of unsuccessful attempts, then stop. Stop doing what doesn't work. What to do if you tried many times, but nothing happened? Analyze all the methods that you used and applied in different situations. Which attempts were more effective, and which were generally fruitless? What worked and what was a waste of time and effort? Stop doing things that make no sense, but only take away your resources.

2. Use someone else's experience

Try to find methods that others have used. Why make mistakes that others have already made? Search the internet for examples of other people who may have achieved a similar goal or dream. Look in books, on the Internet and in videos for answers to your questions. Someone else's experience helps to move faster towards the goal, and therefore use the achievements of the winners.

3. Look from the outside

Try to look at the situation from the other side. Step away from emotions and try to look from different angles. Look at the situation from above, from below, from the side, from behind. Consider soberly, as if you were a different person, your former actions and methods. What did you do wrong and what should have been done? Sometimes you can see your excessive straightforwardness or naivety.

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4. Ask for advice

Have you tried but it doesn't work? Sometimes valuable advice from the outside will lead you out of the impasse of fruitless attempts. Ask friends, relatives and close people who are on your side and know you well. Then ask a professional about it. A more experienced person can suggest something interesting and useful that you did not take into account before.

5. Think more and analyze

Carefully analyze the situation from time to time. Challenge the methods of the past and continually refine your plan. There should be a plan, but it needs to be constantly added to, changed and improved.

6. Do what works

It's like in a joke when a passer-by lost his wallet on a dark street, but looks for it under a lamp, because it's brighter there. Tried but doesn't work? Do not what you want, but what works and brings results. Look for loopholes and do what you don't even like. Sometimes strange ideas and methods work, despite the absurdity and absurdity. Don't be afraid to do what brings results. Beware of doing something that will never bring the desired result.

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7. Use hypotheses and trials

Assume different assumptions, and then immediately taste the hypothesis. Try new options to find the best path through trial and error. What happens if you try this or that? Ask this question as often as possible, and then immediately begin testing. The time between a hypothesis and an attempt should be minimal, then you will move towards the goal at maximum speed. This is what successful people and companies do.

8. Make more attempts

Try more often, and don't give up after another failure. Did not work out? Try again. Yes, one more time, and then another and another. Until you win.

Do all of the above to better develop your future strategy. Tried but doesn't work? It's not enough to fight, you have to win...