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I never. 160 questions for the game "I never"

Fighting the game "I never" can have fun and get to know each other much better. What are the rules of the game and what questions can be asked? How to play the alcoholic or adult version of the game? List of common and vulgar questions for the game "I have never".

What to do with a company or two when bored? You can play different interesting party games in which "I never" is always a great idea. You can play it at home, outdoors, at an online party or anywhere else.

An analogue of this game is the game "Truth or Dare", where secrets are also revealed or insanities are arranged. Both of these games help to find out other people's skeletons in the closet and laugh.

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Rules of the game "I never"

What is the essence of the game "I never"? The rules of the game are quite simple, and the point is to have a lot of fun. It is desirable to play this game with at least 4-5 people, but you can also play together. You cast lots to see who starts the game first. Then sit in a circle so that it is comfortable to communicate.

The first player says something he has never done in his life. It is advisable to choose something that you have never done, but other players have done. Which of the players did this, then he receives one penalty point. Anyone who hasn't done this gets nothing. You can play up to ten, and bend the penalty points with your fingers. Or use matches or coins.

The winner of the game will be the one with the fewest curled fingers or penalty points. The secret of the game is choosing provocative questions that will help you get to know others better and get you an extra fine. Ask those things that, most likely, other people did.

The main thing in the game is to be extremely honest, otherwise the meaning of the game disappears.

Alcoholic rules of the game "I never"

The game, with the use of alcohol, allows you to have fun and drink according to certain rules. In this case, drinking will be a penalty point in the game. You can take a sip, pour into small glasses or pour a little bit. Sometimes you should choose less strong alcohol in order to stay in the game longer.

Players who receive a penalty drink a glass. It can be agreed that the loser is obliged to drink a glass in 5 seconds, otherwise he will be charged another penalty on top. This will make the game more coherent and energetic.

In the alcoholic version of the "I've never" game, the point is to get other people drunk, but stay as sober as possible yourself.

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Adult Rules for the “I Never” Strip Game

have fun and get to know each other better. You have to play by slightly different rules. When a player receives 10 penalty points or bends all 10 fingers, he removes one piece of clothing.

So gradually you will get to know each other better, but at the same time undress. It can be agreed that a person who does not want to take off some item of clothing or is already half-naked fulfills the desire of another or tells his secret. It will be fun.

The game "I never". List of questions for the game

You can play "Never" online. One person swipes a list on the internet while another says "Stop". You can draw numbers or randomly name a number from 1 to 120, and the host calls the idea from the list.

What is the best thing to come up with for the game and what questions are most suitable? It all depends on the company, but there are certain things that work best. Sometimes you can ask vulgar questions for those who are already adults. Who likes games hotter and funnier.

1. I have never skydived.

2. I never sang drunk in karaoke.

3. I never left the house without underwear.

4. I have never been arrested or fined by traffic cops.

5. I have never taken nude photos or selfies.

6. I have never fallen in love with my friend of the opposite sex.

7. I have never lied about my weight.

8. I have never kissed a stranger.

9. I have never been unrequitedly in love.

10. I have never lost money or a phone.


11. I've never been to a sex shop.

12. I have never worn braces.

13. I have never dated two people at the same time.

14. I have never kissed anyone present.

15. I have never danced a striptease.

16. I have never missed school or work because of a hangover.

17. I never told other people's secrets.

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18. I've never been in the friend zone.

19. I have never had sex outside of bed.

20. I have never played strip games.

21. I never lied about my age.

22. I have never used drugs.

23. I have never walked in slates with socks.

24. I have never had an affair with a married or married person.

25. I have never been abroad.

26. I have never slept with more than 5 people in my entire life.

27. I have never taken a pregnancy test or my significant other.

28. I never dreamed of sleeping with anyone present.

29. I never lost anything when I was drunk.

30. I have never been in a fight.

31. I never caught my parents having sex.

32. I have never sat on the splits completely or could not pull up more than 5 times.

33. I have never held a sex toy in my hands.

34. I never hung posters in my room.

35. I have never destroyed other people's relationships.

36. I have never hit the phone, dishes or anything else in anger.

37. I never cried while watching a movie.

38. I never wrote poetry.

39. I have never participated in castings.

40. I've never been on a date twice a day with different people.

41. I never broke anything.

42. I have never barbecued myself.

43. I have never received vulgar compliments.

44. I have never driven a car or a motorcycle.

45. I never sang songs in my soul.

46. I have never tried to lose weight or gain weight.

47. I have never measured parts of my body with a tape measure or ruler.

48. I have never had an accident.

49. I have never been in love with anyone.

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50. I've never read a sex manual like the Kama Sutra.

51. I have never kissed someone who had bad breath.

52. I have never had sex in a public place or in a car.

53. I have never swum on a nude beach.

54. I have never pinched money to keep it.

55. I never took revenge on anyone.

56. I have never vomited after drinking.

57. I have never turned down an offer of sex.

58. I never drank my parents' alcohol.

59. I have never slept naked.

60. I never wanted to get plastic surgery on myself.

61. I have never made a scene of jealousy.

62. I have never read an erotic novel.

63. I have never played on the computer all day.

64. I have never touched silicone breasts.

65. I have never won the lottery.

66. I have never acted like a bad guy or a bad girl.

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67. I have never stolen anything.

68. I never wanted to have a threesome.

69. I've never been a fan of any star.

70. I've never played the "I never" game before.

71. I have never used anything instead of toilet paper.

72. I have never turned to the police for help.

73. I never got drunk alone.

74. I have never kissed an animal.

75. I've never beaten someone else's other half.

76. I've never given a tip.

77. I never drank so much that they brought me home.

78. I have never been a vegan.

79. I have never worn one underwear for more than three days.

80. I never spent all day in my underwear or naked.

81. I have never worn a thong.

82. I've never been to a strip bar.

83. I never went to a showdown.

84. I have never rummaged through other people's things or the phone.

85. I have never written in a pool or a river.

86. I have never bought alcohol for younger people.

87. I have never had a driver's license.

88. I have never been deployed on face control to a club.

89. I have never lied about loving someone for different purposes.

90. I have never worn clothes of the opposite sex.

91. I never went swimming naked at night.

92. I have never faked an orgasm.

93. I have never been hunting or fishing.

94. I have never killed animals.

95. I never advised my friends to part with their half.

96. I have never been in a hospital.

97. I never slept in a room where others had sex.

98. I have never had a pet.

99. I have never been to a psychiatrist.

100. I never broke up over the phone.

101. I have never eaten anything even though I knew it was past its expiration date.

102. I have never met through dating apps.

103. I never tried to repeat something from porn.

104. I have never spent more than N amount in an evening.

105. I have never fired a weapon.

106. I was never ashamed of the clothes that they were a cheap brand.

107. I have never smoked a cigar or a hookah.

108. I never chatted about life with a bum.

109. I never dreamed of being someone else.

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110. I have never bribed or given a bribe.

111. I have never specifically looked for nude photos of any celebrity.

112. I have never missed a train or plane.

113. I never spied on anyone.

114. I never ran from the controllers or the police.

115. I have never been handcuffed.

116. I never drank more than three days in a row.

117. I have never offered anything indecent to anyone.

118. I did not try to crack or guess someone else's password.

119. I never pretended to be more drunk than in reality.

120. I have never had a tattoo.

121. I never got back with my ex.

122. I have never dated someone who is 5 years younger than me.

123. I have never slept with a colleague.

124. I have never eaten dog or cat food.

125. I have never fallen in love with someone on the first date.

126. I have never set fire to anything by accident.

127. I have never driven drunk.

128. I never lied in this game.

129. I have never vomited in a public place.

130. I have never used someone else's toothbrush.

131. I never slept more than 24 hours.

132. I never ignored someone I knew.

133. I have never dropped a phone in the toilet.


134. I have never had love for anyone present.

135. I have never dated someone who is 5 years older than me.

136. I have never spoiled the air or blamed others.

137. I have never played a relationship behind someone's back.

138. I never had a holiday romance.

139. I have never eaten food off the floor.

140. I've never had a surprise party.

141. I have never been handcuffed.

142. I have never called anyone by another name.

143. I have never fantasized about anyone in this room.

144. I have never peeped on anyone.

145. I have never paid for sex.

146. I have never been afraid of clowns.

147. I have never thrown the phone out of frustration.

148. I've never had a hickey.

149. I have never forged someone else's signature.

150. I have never met several people at once.

151. I have never fallen because of looking at the phone.

152. I never looked like a bum.

153. I have never received money for sex.

154. I have never sung karaoke while intoxicated.

155. I have never found gray hair in myself.

156. I have never sent photographs to another person by mistake.

157. I never dreamed of fame.

158. I have never lost anything while drunk.

159. I have never had food poisoning.

160. I have never thrown anything from a balcony at people.

Questions for the game "I never" can be not only from the list, but absolutely any. The game "I have never" will help you have a good time and open up to each other from new sides. Uncover other people's secrets in the closet with tricky questions and guesses. Have fun and have a good rest!