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I'm sweaty. I feel hot!

A man sweats twice as much as a woman because he is genetically used to hard physical labor. How to get rid of the smell of sweat? Causes of the smell of men.

Man, know! Even when you suddenly wake up with a desire to be beautiful, well-groomed, neat, always shaved, fashionably or elegantly dressed; when you want to show off in a white T-shirt, a beige shirt, a light-colored hoodie, you are forever doomed to sweat and stink!

Now I will talk about unpleasant, unappetizing things, without specifically choosing euphemisms. It just so happened, developed in nature, that a man sings with a greater aroma than any average female. Why? Because everything again rests on "hunting and cooking." I'm tired of even talking about it!

I myself am amazed at how predictable and predetermined all this is. You may not even be interested in why some processes occur this way, while others do not - everything depends on "hunting and cooking"! Why does a man run after women? Because he is a hunter and a warrior - and he is used to sowing seeds far from his native cave in the hope of breeding and spoiling all his neighbors. Why is a woman more effective as a politician and manager? Because it is inherent in creation, care for the house (read - Motherland) and children (read - people). Why did the Cossack man not like to work? Because he is a soldier in the service - everyone knows the mocking saying "suddenly war, and I'm tired"! Why does a woman get fat on her butt and hips? Because... Well, in general, it's understandable.

And with sweating the same situation - a man sweats 2 times more than a woman, because he is genetically accustomed to hard physical labor, which requires more thermoregulation of the body. In addition, the mass of the male body is greater - therefore, there is more water in it. And the woman is small, compact, her work is not so sweeping and hard, her body temperature is lower - and in order to warm up the body to a degree of sweating, she needs to work hard. And if we are talking about a bed, then a man needs to work hard to make his soul mate burn. There is a Japanese proverb that says “men sweat and women burn”. Also, Japanese researchers claim that sweating is directly related to testosterone, the male hormone - and many would probably like to get rid of this hormone forever, but I do not advise them to be so hasty.

Sweat, by the way, is not just smelly water. Sweat itself doesn't stink too much. The consequences of it stink - bacteria that multiply and sour in secluded corners of the armpits, in the groin, etc.

By the way, I guessed the word "armpits" here - armpits - these are just depressions "under the muscles"! And no mice and jokes have nothing to do with it.

So! Sweat is an element of marking - both sexual and social. German scientists took such a step - and I did not even doubt that it would be German scientists, people from the homeland of coprophagy. They found that women reacted strongly positively to the sweat of athletes who played badminton with passion. But the men who stupidly and without pleasure ran eight laps around the stadium did not cause any sexual initiative. Further, the female nose is able to determine which of the men is the alpha male, and which is quiet and boring. He, this nose-bearer, does this with the help of volatile pheromones, which you will not remove from your body even by washing with hydrogen peroxide!

Let's move on from idle reasoning to practice. Let's immediately separate just sweaty people from really sick people. There is a disease called hyperhidrosis. The palms, feet, ears and crown of the head sweat - often the patient cannot take an object from the table - it slips out of the fingers! This is some bullshit! Such patients need to be collected and arranged for comedy shows - but, unfortunately, there are only one percent of them on the planet. And in other cases, profuse sweating is associated with the following:

- nervous disorders, including vegetative-vascular dystonia, as a "panic attack" syndrome;

- here you can glue both stress and strong emotions, not the fact that they are always negative; - menopause; increased activity of the thyroid gland; - hormonal disorders; - and, what is most ridiculous, hot food, food, just heat - who would have thought?!

How to get rid of the constantly sweaty torso, stains on clothes in the area of ​​the chest, belly, back and armpits? From the stench of a horse stall and a slight smell of sourness? Let me turn again to the paragraphic presentation - it prevents me from indulging in lengthy conversations.

- First, gentlemen, wash more often! Not only in the morning and in the evening - it is useful, on occasion, and a couple of times during the day, especially in hot countries. For example, Thais bathe several times a day, and wearing the same clothes twice is even considered indecent; - the doctor will gladly prescribe you tranquilizers to calm your nerves or special drugs that block the nerve endings of the sweat glands. But if the sweat has stopped flowing down the chest and neck, it may begin to stand out on the lower back and drain into underpants;

- deodorant improves body odor, but it is only antiperspirant that fights against sweating - a half measure, since the reduction in sweating is no more than 50%, and even then it is not guaranteed. By the way, you can’t block sweat - otherwise you will simply overheat and grunt somewhere in the hot streets of Istanbul or Volgograd; - Botox injections. Have you seen the Oscars? No one sweats - that's because the bastards! Of course, if dermatologists and cosmetologists of the whole country are preparing bohemia for this event in a week or two. Small doses of botulism poison block the sweat glands - and voila! Drion-machine is a procedure akin to electrophoresis. You are lying in the bath, and a weak current ionizes your body, suppressing the mechanisms responsible for the release of sweat; - mineral deodorants - everything is new - this is a successfully forgotten old, I will not add anything else.

And the main advice - do not wear these nasty synthetic clothes! Buy clothes made from natural fibers, they allow the body to breathe, change heat with the atmosphere, and not sour and turn sour, as in a plastic bag.

And also play sports - it lowers all these sad effects! It's better to stink at the gym than on a date.

Although, according to scientists, in order to achieve this date, it is necessary that a woman smell at least once of our natural, masculine, sexually mature, labor amber.

Any decent, clean woman will immediately want to wash you. And then - together in the bath!

Author: Oleg Kozlenkov