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I'm not jealous, but I'm not stupid either.

Often girls like to undeservedly reproach men for jealousy. But a girl must respect that she is trusted. She can't use trust to spin a man's back.

Reproached with jealousy and say that you are a jealous person? There is something to think about here.

Jealousy is often said to be a sense of ownership, a sign of a person's weakness and insecurity. Jealousy is bad, selfish, stupid and indecent for a modern person. Gradually, jealousy was equated with the most negative traits, and the image of a jealous person became a horror story for relationships.

If a girl is dating a man, then she can have friends. This is fine. No need to follow every movement, messages on the phone and the behavior of a girlfriend. Do not worry if the girl meets with her girlfriends. No need to control and try to take away the freedom of the girl.

But there are limits and certain rules in relationships that should not be violated. First of all, relationships are trust and fidelity, without any modern distortions of the reality of gender relationships. A girl must respect that she is trusted. But she shouldn't use trust to spin a man's back.

Spending time with an ex who still wants her back is unacceptable. Coming from the club at 3 am too. Walk in incomprehensible companies, flirt with other men, flirt and hide the fact that you are in a relationship. Correspond with incomprehensible men on social networks, send them photos, sit on dating sites. Communicate with men, with the calculation of possible continuations with them. To spend the night and disappear is not clear where.

I'm not jealous, but I'm not dumb either. A man should not react to women's behavior and check that he is not being deceived behind his back and that he is not being bullied. If a girl lies, looks for other options and at the same time accuses her of jealousy, this is disgusting.

I'm not going to keep around someone who can't be trusted…