I'm going bald: positive instructions for bald people

When people begin to go bald in the head, it definitely causes panic, excitement and irritation. How to deal with hair loss? Everything is much easier than you think. There is no most fashionable male hairstyle, because it is a bald haircut.

I'm going bald! What to do? Many men look in horror in the mirror and see that they are gradually and inexorably going bald. The hair treacherously retreats from the forehead closer to the top of the head, first forming a bald patch, and then a full-fledged bald spot. It is especially insulting when you are still young, and you lose your hair like an old grandfather. What to do, how to resist and what to do with falling hair?

Fight for falling hair

bald head under a cap, bought special products and shampoos. This is an endless struggle that takes away nerves, time, effort and money.

If you decide to fight to the end for your hair, then you should immediately go to a trichologist or dermatologist. Then the struggle for hair begins, which stretches for years. Specialists will see only in months or a year that their method works, and they were able to help you.

Needless to say, it is not always possible to stop hair loss? The most unpleasant thing is that these methods and even hair transplantation can only save a short time. Sometimes heredity and hormone levels take their toll, and a man loses more and more hair. Fight on in a meaningless fight? Hide under a cap or comb? The global cosmetics industry is making billions on this problem without fully solving it. Is this what you really need?

Needless to say, I myself encountered a similar problem? First, the first bald patches, then the jokes of friends, relatives or unfamiliar people. All this was annoying when you could go to the gym to be athletic, but could not do anything with your hair. It's like wrinkles, because no matter how much cream and products you use, sooner or later they appear.

Bald head as a symbol of success and coolness

Bald head is a symbol of coolness, success, wealth and sexuality. This has long been considered in world culture, when a bald man is always a brutal, cool, confident and strong man. You never see bald men in snotty melodramas or in roles where they play a weak man. A bald man is always a strong, dangerous, brutal man.

The best businessmen, entrepreneurs, actors, celebrities and politicians are bald. Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Dmitry Nagiyev, Zinedine Zidane, Rostislav Khait, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Viktor Sukhorukov, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Bezos.

How does the fair sex feel about bald men? Women find bald men attractive and maybe even more so than hairy men. After all, this is like a mark of a man who is not only not afraid to be bald, but also proud of it.

However, many men are still afraid to be bald and cut short. There are more complexes here that force men to fight in vain or comb their bald spots. Thinning hair is a source of shame as long as you fight this windmill. As long as you hide your bald head, you are a weak and insecure person.

If you can't fight a bald head, can you just surrender to the will of the gods? Act like a surfer who does not fight the wave, but uses it as a moving force. Over time, most men come to the conclusion that being bald is not so bad. You can just cut your hair very short or shave to zero.

Am I bald or do I have very short hair? Yes, I'm bald, but what's wrong with that? My bald head is better than your questionable head of hair. Shaving everything is easier, better, more pleasant and more economical than forever tormented in the fight against inevitability, which looks more like Sizov's work.

Transform your baldness from a lack into a source of inspiration and strength. This is the step of a real man who does not hide his flaw, but proclaims it as a virtue. When a man does this, he becomes stronger, more confident and even more beautiful. It's not shameful to be bald, but it's shameful to be the dude who hides her like a coward.

There is a YouTube channel called "Baldcafe". This channel is dedicated to helping men who are losing their hair but want to be bald for sure. People tell their stories of hair struggles that lasted for years and decades, and the ultimate decision to be bald. They shave off their hair and join the bald cohort. It's a pretty bold decision, but it makes men more confident and stronger when they just stop doing bullshit.

You don't have to be hairy to feel like a man. You can be happy just by choosing to be bald. You are not the only one, but there are millions of us. To be bald is to be cool, strong, independent, brutal, courageous.