I'm either getting dumber or growing up... stupidly

I read a lot, did not part with books, was a regular in the library and dreamed of becoming a writer. And then I got a job, got hooked on social networks and abandoned books...

I read a lot, as I learned to read at the age of 3.5, I never parted with books. When I went to the village to my grandmother, I went to a store where they rent books and chose not by genre or beautiful cover, but by thickness. I took a few of the thickest pieces and went on vacation. I even studied poorly at school, because I read until the morning, and at the lessons I was half asleep. I was a regular in the school library, in those days there were problems at home, and in order to come home later, I went to the school library, took some kind of encyclopedia and read until closing time. For an ordinary student, the form in the form of a notebook cut in half in a box by the 11th grade was only half filled out. I had a whole stack of them, I ate books in packs. At the age of 13, he began to read science fiction and decided to become a writer himself. Luckily, there was a computer. On the computer, I read all of Nikitin about 3 times, which is... 100 times. Then I bought the first smartphone from Nokia, read it in QReader, I remember somehow counting the number of books read on the phone, it exceeded 200, I he could read a book in a day calmly, as he got the hang of squandering useless descriptions of nature and the characters’ thoughts leading to nothing. At the age of 18 I published my story in a collection, then another one.

And then I got a job, got hooked on the social. networks, moved in with his future wife, had a child... The last entertaining book I read was Game of Thrones, and then only because I was in the country where it was not good to do. But he threw it away anyway.

I'm dumb. Now it’s more interesting for me to read world news or forecasts about how the Yandex search engine will develop (this is for work). I forced myself to read something fictional, entertaining a bunch of times. Fantasy there, fiction, but just a detective! Nifiga, it doesn't work.

But what I really read excitedly is autobiographical works. Especially about businessmen, musicians. In fact, I just read what happened to people in real life.

And now I don’t understand whether this is a genetically based program, they say, now I’m only interested in what can be put into practice for the well-being of my wife and child. Or I'm just stupid that I don't have enough brains to imagine some kind of fantasy world.

By the way, I quit writing.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

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