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I don't want to be liked by people or how to be myself

For some reason, they often write and talk about how to please the people around them, their soulmate or someone else. Come on garlic, you can’t please everyone, because not everyone has good taste and brains! Yes, and there is absolutely no need for everyone to try to please, like a corrupt girl. Learn to be yourself and learn not to like other people.

How many times have you had in your life when you tried frantically to please people, but you were not accepted? You were not sympathetic, they did not want to communicate with you, they did not support you, they condemned you, they ran into you, you were criticized or you were ignored. You were treated like a white crow, an outcast and a loner.

So in friendship, love, career and life itself, they did not want to deal with us, despite the colossal efforts on our part. But maybe it's in trying to please everyone that the snag lies? What to do when people around you, acquaintances, colleagues, friends or soulmate do not like you?

Learn not to like people

Often people try to break themselves in order to start to please everyone around them. They try to find an approach to everyone, please, try, fuss, but nothing helps. They are like chameleons that take on a hundred colors. They are like actors of the theater, who try on different masks and mimic the situation in an attempt to please everyone around.

But all this only takes strength, time, money and nerves, without giving any result and profit in return. It's time to accept the fact that a person is not a dollar or a ruble, which means that everyone cannot please. There is nothing like being yourself and not being liked by everyone around you.

Learn to dislike people and do not be afraid of this fact of dislike. This does not mean that you need to do nasty things, harm or something bad, so that you are hated and cursed behind your back. This implies that if someone did not like you, then nothing terrible happened, and heaven did not fall to earth. They may not want to communicate with you, be friends, meet or deal with you. Your opinion may not be supported, and your values ​​​​and dreams will be alien. You will be shunned, ignored, or even hated. But all this is normal and even correct.

Learn to dislike people, defend your opinion, go against the wishes of others, say no, and resist attempts to bend you. If your character and values ​​are different, then you are not obliged to adapt to others. If others like it, it's good, and if you don't like it, it's also good. After all, not all people have good taste and brains! The world did not converge on these people, because it is absolutely impossible to please everyone.

It is better to be authentic yourself rather than wear someone else's masks. Then it will be easier to find those people with whom you feel good, and you will be on the same wavelength of characters, thoughts and interests. Stop pretending when it's time to be yourself.

Don't be afraid to be disliked in a relationship

You liked your significant other and you're trying to please her. You run after a girl, give gifts, court, entertain, try and just climb out of your skin, but to no avail. The girl ignores you, dynamite or stupidly uses. You can continue to try to please her, trying to starve her out, but why? You won't be forced to be nice. You're not her type, she has someone else, or she doesn't feel anything for you. This happens all the time, and there is nothing strange about it. It's like in the song: "If the bride leaves for another, then it is not known who was lucky."

Stop fussing in front of girls and running around with your one-sided love. Expensive gifts and diligent courtship will not win love from those who do not like it. You can buy a girl with money, but did you really want and achieve this? It won't be love, and it won't make you happy. You do not have to like all the girls, so humble yourself.

If you are unlucky with one girl, then there are about 7 billion people in the world. Finding someone else from so many people is a very real task. Leave this girl and find the one who will need you without any fuss, gifts, conquests and other tinsel. Find that girl that you like on your own. Who will appreciate and love you.

When you don't try to pretend to be someone else, you will be pecked at by girls who like you. A girl will love you authentic and real, not a stupid fake mask.

I don't want to please people

Trying to please everyone, we cause rejection. Nobody likes slippery types who fuss, adjust and adapt. They are like nasty leeches who do not have their own opinion, lick other people's asses and slavishly serve. Nobody likes such people, but everyone does not respect them, despise and even hate them.

To be honest, being liked by everyone is generally stupid and tiring. You can be yourself and behave as you please. Not to be liked by all people is even nice. After all, everyone likes those people who do not care about the opinions of other people, and they get high on how good they are.

It is more important in life to please yourself, and not to someone else over the horizon. There will always be criticism, but envy must be earned. Try to be yourself, do not fuss in front of others and go about your life. It seems simple, but few people do it. Everyone is too busy trying to please someone when it's all a pointless fuss.

Do not try to please people, but be yourself, because other roles are already taken.