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I don't want and I can't.

In today's information-saturated times, almost every second patient of urologists or sexologists is a man under 25 years old.

Urologist-andrologist, candidate of medical sciences, chief physician of the medical center "Biomed" Yaroslav Guley patients. And although a decrease in sexual desire or a weakening of an erection are not fatal conditions, nevertheless, the quality of life is drastically reduced.

As in that joke when the doctor says to the patient:

— Now you should never have sex!

- But will I live?

— Yes… Why?

However, today science has stepped forward so far that problems with potency are successfully solved in 100% of cases. I had to cancel even the term "impotence", which is already considered politically incorrect. Now they say about this condition "erectile dysfunction" - the inability of a man to achieve and / or maintain an erection at a level that allows him to conduct and complete sexual intercourse.

Today, the main thing is to honestly answer yourself that there is a problem, and not be ashamed to go to the doctor. Even in the most seemingly hopeless cases, surgery will help, possibly with the use of implants. For most, medication is sufficient. And sometimes you can get by with a few conversations with a psychologist - as a rule, this helps young patients. After all, today more and more often young people turn to doctors with complaints about the inability to have sexual intercourse.

Love at first sight.

Even 10-20 years ago (not to mention much earlier times, when even the most liberated representatives of both sexes did not dare to dream of a sexual revolution), no one heard about the sexual impotence of young men. Because such a phenomenon was simply not observed among healthy guys with their natural hypersexuality.

In today's information-saturated times, almost every second patient of urologists or sexologists is a man under 25 years old. These are mainly those who were brought by mothers or girlfriends. The rest suffer in silence. However, if the first time ended in failure, this state can be fixed in the subconscious, and the body will “lose” this scenario every time at the physiological level. To break the vicious circle, you need to contact a specialist.

The total “sexuality for show” seems to oblige young men to have an early onset of sexual activity, although they are not yet ready for this - first of all, morally. Today's high school students are more childish than their peers were the same 20 years ago, and many guys would willingly postpone their sexual victories for another couple of years. However, at the age of 15-16, now “you need to become a man”, but this experience often ends in a complete fiasco.

The most common situation: a boy and a girl meet, they have a great relationship, they are in love with each other. But the first intimacy is unsuccessful - an erection first appears, but disappears during intercourse. Most often, it disappears along with a sense of confidence, and confidence is lost first. As a rule, such a young couple does not have the appropriate conditions, a comfortable environment. To the fear of failure is added anxiety caused by the possible appearance of parents or acquaintances.

In young people, erectile dysfunction in the vast majority of cases is psychogenic in nature (sometimes the cause is congenital vascular pathology). In the first case, 2-3 visits to a sex therapist are often enough to forget about the problem forever. Additionally, medication may be prescribed to “insure” success. It will definitely come, but at the same time, it is still worth taking care of comfortable conditions, mutual consent and contraception, so that disturbing thoughts about an unwanted pregnancy or the possibility of contracting sexual infections do not interfere.

Sickness from pleasure.

Even condom advertising has already been categorized as social advertising. The issue of hygiene of intimate relationships is acute at the level of the whole society, but, nevertheless, the number of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs for short) is growing rapidly from year to year. Perhaps the eternal Slavic rollicking does not allow “real men” to stoop to the use of condoms, but the facts are as follows: it is the transferred STDs in most cases that lead to the fading of desire and a decrease in potency in the prime of life - 35-45 years.

Often the symptoms of STDs in men are mild. A small rash may occur, which soon disappears - and no one, of course, goes to the doctor. But the disease, meanwhile, progresses, affects the internal organs, and the chain of consequences looks depressing: decreased libido - erectile dysfunction - infertility.

The point is that a man without serious health problems normally retains both attraction, and potency, and even the ability to conceive until old age. If failures occur, then it is necessary to consult a doctor: perhaps there is an undiagnosed disease. Simple tests, appropriate therapy - and life will again be filled with all the colors. In any case, every man over 30 should undergo a preventive examination by a urologist once a year to insure himself against unpleasant surprises.

There are also diseases that lead to disorders in the genital area. The most insidious are diabetes mellitus, various neurological disorders, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (urethritis, prostatitis, etc.), liver diseases and other endocrine diseases. Damage to the cardiovascular system causes disturbances in the blood supply to the penis, especially atherosclerosis negatively affects the potency. Such patients, in addition to visits to their doctor, also need to visit a urologist. There are methods that work great (including drug therapy) that help to lead a full sexual life under any circumstances.

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has been happening for at least a month; if you still decide on sexual contact, but it ends in failure, you don’t need to say to yourself: “Well, okay! After all, there are theatres, books, movies…” Go to the doctor. And soon you will be able to say: “Well, it's great that there is still good old sex in the world, which no movie can replace. Even in 4D!

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