I don't attract girls. How to get the attention of girls?

Are you looking for a way to get girls to like you online and in real life? How to make a lasting impression on the fair sex? How to attract the attention of girls when communicating with them?

We all want to be liked and loved. But what if they don't like you? How to attract attention and increase your chances of mutual sympathy? Simple axioms of love reciprocity. Girls love these guys.

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How to attract the attention of girls?

1. The first impression is important

The first impression cannot be made a second time, and the next date may not be. Try to hook the girl from the very beginning of your acquaintance. Everything is important, especially if you met in real communication.

Am I not attracted to girls? Try to assess yourself soberly from the outside. What are you wearing, how you look, how you behave, how you put yourself in communication. Be positive, laid-back, confident, open and playful. Try to squeeze everything out of your appearance and behave adequately.

2. More fun

Girls love to laugh and those men who know how to cheer them up. Gloomy, lethargic, boring and depressed men are rarely successful with ladies. Be more optimistic, cheerful, friendly.

It is better to spend life with a person who knows how to cheer up and laugh at difficulties, and not with a whiner or a bore. More fun. Do you also like funny, cheerful and optimistic girls? Everything is mutual.

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3. Be a person

I don't attract girls? And why? Get them interested in you. Who do girls like? Someone who doesn't run after every skirt. The one who came out of infantilism towards adulthood. Someone who knows exactly what he wants from life. Who has grandiose goals and dreams. Who is self-sufficient and bold to live as he pleases.

Men are fascinated by the appearance of girls, but the fair sex more often falls on the character of men. Girls are looking for strong and mature men. Who can pull, but does not give up and does not whimper at the first difficulty. Women fall in love with a man's personality, strength, courage and vitality.

4. Get to know and understand a girl better

All girls have different taste in guys. One is dragged by smart ones, the second by risky ones, and the third by brutal ones. Talk to the girl and get to know her better. What kind of guy does she want to find and how similar are you to him?

The manner of communication, her answers and goals in life will allow her to correct her behavior. You can always open some sides of yourself more and level out others a little. Get to know and understand the girl better to understand what she wants to find in you.

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5. Don't fawn over a girl

Work on your self-esteem and don't consider yourself worse than a girl. A lot of guys put themselves in a fawning position when they try to win them over. As a result, the girls begin to act up, demand something or turn up their nose.


Girls are looking for a confident prince, not a servant. The page and the servant are not worthy to be near the girl. Treat the girl like you are even, and maybe even consider yourself a little better. The less we try to win a girl, the easier it all happens. Girls are attracted to men who do not crawl at their feet, but who throw them over their shoulders and take them into the fog.

6. Find something in common between you

Opposites attract, but common tastes bring together. Find what you have in common. Tastes in music, likes for certain films, favorite pastimes, similar goals for the future or certain values ​​in life. If you want to grope a girl in the future, then grope in common between you. This will allow you to get carried away with it and be on the same wavelength.

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7. Be interesting and active

If a girl with a man is rotten and bored, she will disappear from his field visibility. How to get the attention of girls? Be really interesting. If a person sits at home at the computer or in front of the TV all the time, then what can he be interested in? Be interesting and active. Be someone who has an interesting and eventful life.

Find interesting hobbies and interests. Don't let the girl get bored next to you. Take your girlfriend out for a walk and come up with interesting pastimes. Be easy going. Add adventure, travel and an active lifestyle to the girl's life. This is the best way to put her on a hook that she won't want to get off.

8. Give a girl passion and emotions

Becoming a girl's friend is easy, but her man is more difficult. Girls love men who ignite emotions, passion, desire and love in them. Don't act like you're friends or girlfriends. Don't be insipid, indecisive, humble, weak, or pathetic.

Show the girl that you are a man who wants her. Flirt, flirt, touch, hug, tease, hurt, kiss, seduce, compliment. Touch the girl to ignite passion in her. Flirt more often to keep your emotions high.

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Girls want a man who turns them on and leaves no doubt that they are desirable. Take the girl responsible for seducing her and don't keep her waiting. Give the girl passion and emotion.

How to attract the attention of girls? You don't have to run after them. Be the one that beautiful girls like...