I deserve more

The worst thing that can happen to a man in a relationship is to start dating a woman who thinks she deserves more. How to identify such defective women who want to sell themselves at a higher price?

Many girls are brought up on beautiful pictures from TV and the Internet. They think they deserve more in this world. Such ladies are like some kind of princesses who think they are special. They are not like that and do not sleep with everyone in a row. To possess them, you need to kill the dragon, bring his gold, give half the kingdom and come on a white horse. But still, you will fall short of her. "I deserve more!" - she will say and wrinkle her nose in displeasure.

At the age of 18, when a girl is young, beautiful and innocent, it is still permissible to take the position “I deserve more”. Everything can be attributed to youthful maximalism and the desire to see the world. But if this is said by a girl of 25 or 35? How to identify a woman who believes that she deserves more? 5 signs of women who sell themselves and their pussy.

I deserve more

1. The girl demands to conquer her

The girl demands from the man to conquer her. You have to take good care of it. Luxurious restaurants, expensive gifts, a million scarlet roses and the fulfillment of all her desires. A man is obliged to indulge whims and allow her to demand everything that she wants. As soon as the man begins to resent, the girl defiantly takes offense and stands in the pose "I deserve more." She has people like you a dime a dozen. There, for example, the director of the market called her to join the company to warm the ass in Bali.

2. The girl believes that a man should

The girl constantly indulges with the phrase “a man should”. This is her favorite phrase, and what he should decide the girl. As soon as a man begins to be surprised that this is happening, the girl questions his masculinity. “Men are gone, not a real man, a little man, not a man,” she says with a breath and contempt.

3. The girl shows that a man is not worthy of her

Whatever a man does, he always falls short of her ideal. He can get a girl a star from the sky, but her friend's husband took out two stars and bought a fur coat. You can go out of your way, but the girl will always look down on him. Thus, she manipulates a man and tries to make him dance to her tune.

4. The girl wants money

She is a princess who does not give to a mere mortal. Does the princess demand a vacation in the Maldives, a car and an apartment at her own disposal in exchange for sex? The girl looks at the man as a slave who must supply her with material resources. A man always has to, and she is an immaculate princess, for whom everything is not enough.

5. Golden Pi…

At the entire stage of communication, the girl will mysteriously offer her pussy. When a man asks what the girl will give in return, she proudly replies, "Himself." This word means her pussy. If a man tries, achieves and fulfills whims, he will receive her body in gratitude. Golden pi... - in a word.

“I deserve more” - says the girl and shows with her whole appearance? Run! There are many young girls with elastic bodies around who will gladly keep you company and will not demand anything in return.