Hygiene Tips: 36 Self Care Tips

There are unspoken rules of hygiene that every person should know. It will make you more attractive, more alert, younger, healthier, more energetic and even happier. You will look like a million dollars, and this is the first step to getting it. Men and women should not forget about hygiene, because it is the basis of a prosperous life. Hygiene tips and care tips that you forgot to tell you earlier.

Hygiene recommendations seem ridiculous in youth, but with age you realize how important it is. After all, acne, skin problems, hair loss, disease, fatigue, premature aging, health problems and an unattractive appearance are the inability to follow hygiene recommendations.

Hygiene gives health and beauty. Do you remember that you always met in appearance, and saw off in the mind? Yes, nothing has changed! Still appearance, neatness, attractiveness and beauty are important. It's time to start taking care of yourself more carefully and monitor your appearance. Sometimes what you start spontaneously ends up becoming something important to you. It's the same with hygiene.

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The importance of hygiene and personal care

Hygiene. And with what it is eaten and why is it necessary? The only memory from childhood brings us the book "Moydodyr" from Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky. This is the memory of an angry washbasin who forced a dirty boy to wash. The children's book taught cleanliness to more than one generation of children, although it was forgotten a little in adulthood. But in vain.

We underestimate the importance of hygiene and personal care, forgetting that this is the basis of health. What is more important than human health? Nothing, because without it we do not need anything at all. It is important to get used to hygiene from childhood, or to reconsider your adult habits later, which not everyone succeeds.

Why do we need hygiene? Here is a list of what you will get in the plus of your life:

  • Good health;
  • Younger appearance;
  • Well-groomed skin;
  • Respectable appearance;
  • Attractiveness and beauty;
  • Longer and higher quality life;
  • Energy and productivity
  • Success, well-being and happiness.

What is hygiene? Hygiene is a set of measures aimed at preventing diseases and problems, helping to maintain health and improve appearance. Preventive hygiene measures improve health, prolong life and increase efficiency, if followed. It's time to grow up and understand that running Moidodyr is stupid and even harmful.

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Hygiene advice or self-care tips

As soon as you think of Moidodyr and the dirty boy, then life will start to get better. We too underestimate the impact of good looks, health and energy on the quality of life that we miss these trump cards. If you follow the self-care tips and follow the recommendations, you will soon notice the first changes. You will become more beautiful and cheerful, and life will be better, healthier, more pleasant and even happier.

1. You will get more kisses and attention from the opposite sex if your breath smells good.

2. Buy good day and night creams to moisturize the skin, which will make it younger and more beautiful.

3. Clean and wipe your mobile phone every day, because sometimes it is dirtier than a public toilet.

4. Wash your feet regularly with products and a washcloth to get rid of bacteria and odor.

5. Carry wet wipes with you to help remove sweat and bacteria.

6. Don't forget to wash your towels regularly, because drying yourself with dirty towels after showering or washing is rather silly.

7. While brushing your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue, or buy a tongue scraper. And also clean the palate of the mouth.

8. Washing hands after coming home, after going to the toilet and on other occasions is important. After all, with these hands you touch your face or put it in your mouth.

9. Wipe dirt off door handles and light switches when cleaning, because a lot of germs accumulate there.

10. Antiperspirant helps to get rid of the smell of sweat, and therefore it is a must.

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11. Men and women should wipe their genitals with paper after urinating. After all, do you remember the truth that no matter how much you shake, but the last drop of urine will fall into your underpants?

12. When using a public toilet, first tear off a couple of pieces of toilet paper, because someone has touched it with dirty hands.

13. The hottest advice on hygiene. Men and women, after intercourse, should go to the toilet to urinate. This will save you from many problems and diseases.

14. Wash bedding regularly, including pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers.

15. Do not overdo it with the amount of toilet water, because more is not better. If you smell strongly, then it doesn’t matter how expensive toilet water is, because it’s unpleasant.

16. In the shower, you need to wash from above, starting from the head, so that the dirt from the hair does not fall on the already washed body.

17. Buy a bidet or hygienic shower for the toilet, which will take hygiene to a new level.

18. Wash and clean your comb regularly to keep your hair free of dirt.

19. Don't forget to wash your belly button when splashing in the bath. Do you remember how much garbage is in it?

20. Change pillowcases more often than sheets. This will protect against acne.

21. Use cosmetics - this is an investment in health and beauty.

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22. What hygiene advice do we sometimes forget? Mine behind the ears regularly, like taking a shower. A lot of dirt and germs accumulate there.

23. If not daily, then at least once a week, floss your teeth. What for? Brush your teeth and smell after the thread, then the questions will disappear.

24. The main thing is not soap or washing gel, but washing and cleaning itself.

25. Cut and care for your nails after showering. Cut not only on the hands, but also the nails of the legs.

26. Shave your armpits and groom your groin if you want to take your hygiene to the next level.

27. First to the toilet in a big way, and then to the shower. Don't mix it up.

28. Do not ignore toothache or dental problems. Visit the dentist every six months.

29. Do not take too long hot showers, as this can cause acne.

30. Change your toothbrush and washcloth regularly too.

31. Exfoliate once a week when you shower. This removes the unnecessary layer of dead skin, improves blood circulation and makes the skin healthier.

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32. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening. It is best to do this after meals to keep your breath fresh.

33. Close the toilet lid after you.

34. If something hurts, then be sure to visit a doctor. Annual medical examinations are a mandatory component of a healthy life.

35. Taking a shower before going to bed is better than in the morning. The sheets will be cleaner, and the sleep will be stronger and more pleasant.

36. Take care of yourself every day. Pluck out wild hair, brush your teeth, shower, put on deodorant, shave and wear clean, tidy clothes. Stay attractive every day because you don't know when you'll meet your soul mate, get a new job, or hit a dream.

Sometimes what you start spontaneously, and in our case it is hygiene and care, eventually becomes something important for you. Hygiene recommendations and self-care tips will make your life much better and you happier.