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Hygiene rules for men

Men believe that the success of their lives depends on the level of intelligence, the amount of knowledge, professional skills and other skills. We used to think that appearance is not important for the male sex, although this is far from the case. A well-groomed male appearance helps in a career, communicating with people and finding a soul mate. But for this you need to know the basic rules of male hygiene.

We used to believe that only the fair sex needs a great appearance for a successful career and a successful personal life. What about men? We forgot that we are always greeted by clothes, but escorted by mind. But if you ruined the first impression, then you may not even be given a chance to prove yourself in the future.

The format of victory and successful self-realization in a man's life also depends on appearance. If you scored on her, then the chances are very high that you have a lot of problems in life. You may not even realize that bad breath, untidy body odor, untidy appearance or other factors spoil your whole life. You're not unlucky, you just miss the obvious. Appearance is always important, regardless of gender.

What are the usual rules for grooming a man's appearance? What does the stronger sex need to know in order to make an excellent impression on other people, and especially girls? Things every guy and man needs to know.

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Hygiene rules for men

1. Wash regularly

If you smell your own smell, then others have smelled it for a long time. Take a shower or bath every day. Exactly every day. You can just rinse yourself instead of scrubbing yourself thoroughly. This will remove the unpleasant smell of unwashed body, which is characteristic of many guys and men. There is nothing more pleasant than the smell of a clean body and the aroma of washing products. Use an antiperspirant to keep sweat smells out. Don't forget the toilet water. Girls have a good sense of smell and immediately smell a delicious man.

2. Go in for sports

Life is such that without sports it is difficult to hope for something in life. A sports lifestyle will allow you to develop more fully in life. In a healthy body healthy mind! Sport gives you a more attractive appearance, an athletic figure, a higher working capacity, a significant boost of energy and a full-fledged work of the body. Go in for sports. The gym is a real beauty salon for a man.

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3. Watch the facial hair

We don't like to shave and cut our hair, but it's a must. The modern world is such that no one likes untidy people who look like Neanderthals. Hygiene rules for men require regular maintenance of vegetation. To do this, systematically visit the hairdresser, and do not cut your hair in an incomprehensible way. Deal with facial hair so that there is a neat appearance, and not questionable chaotic hair. Let there be stubble, a beard or smooth skin, but everything should be neat.

4. Change clothes

Wear dirty clothes every time you shower? Pretty stupid. Change your underwear every time, putting on fresh ones. If you are too lazy to wash clothes so often, then buy 15 pairs of underwear, 15 pairs of socks and 15 pairs of footballs (T-shirts), and then wash every two weeks. Change them every day too. It will take your hygiene level to the next level. Wash shirt, sweater and jeans as needed.

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mind. The trends are such that removing excess body hair has become the norm for men. Have hairy bushes in the armpits? Looks ugly. To have a bush below the waist, like in dubious films of the 80s? Are you serious? Remove vegetation under the armpits and in the groin area, but not completely. Let it be an adequate intimate haircut, and not the jungle, where even an impressive “tree trunk” seems small. A haircut visually increases the size, which girls cannot like.

6. Use facial care and cosmetics

Wash your face twice a day, washing off excess oil and dirt accumulated on the skin. This will avoid unhealthy acne and skin problems. Scrub your skin once or twice a week. Practice facial cleansing and exfoliation. Take care of the skin under the eyes, using special creams. But most importantly, use face cream regularly. Be sure to apply face cream before bed. This will allow you to have healthy and youthful skin for many years.

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7. Wash things

We often forget the obvious. You can wash and dress in clean clothes, but miss a couple of little things. How often do you change bed linen and towels in the bathroom? Have a clean body, but dry yourself with a dirty towel and lie down in a dirty bed? Silly. Change bed linen and towels every week. Many people usually forget about this.

8. Update your wardrobe

Do you want to look brand new? Do not wear shabby and untidy clothes. Go shopping and then buy normal clothes. But remember that quality is always more important than quantity. Dress nicely to please people.

9. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day so that the body recovers. Eat properly and fully. Avoid alcohol and other bad habits. Clean the forelocks in the morning and in the evening, visiting the dentist regularly. Visit doctors and regularly undergo examinations, and do not start illnesses. Lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age. You don't want to age prematurely, do you?

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10. Maintain your hygiene and appearance regularly.

The most important hygiene rule for men is regular grooming. Make it useful habits that will help you always be on top when others look doubtful and pathetic. Regularly monitor hygiene and appearance to always look like a million dollars.

Hygiene rules for men are not an excess, but already a necessity for a modern man or guy. Do you want to succeed in life and achieve great things? Start with appearance and male hygiene. Always met by appearance, but few people want to look closely at your intellect, soul and character, without a neat appearance. With an attractive appearance, life will be better and happier.