Humans vs aliens

In fiction, people are presented as a boring, weak and stupid kind of creature. But in reality, the aliens will have a hard time in confrontation with us. A man can fight for hours even if he gets shot. Humans are a race of proud warriors who worship bloody gods like Rambo, Schwarzenegger, etc.

It's funny how often people in science fiction are described as boring "standard" species, if not as one of the weakest or dumbest.

I'd like to look at a sci-fi universe where humans are one of the most mysterious or frightening species.

How do we know that our saliva and sebum will not be super-edible for other sentient races? What if our vocal cords are stronger than anyone else's, and we can stun or kill the inhabitants of other worlds with just our scream? What if most of the intelligent life in the universe is intelligent plants, who would be terrified of us, a race of "animals" capable of moving at great speeds and chewing through anything with their own teeth?

Fuck, they eat capsaicin just for fun

Dude, I heard about a man who ate a plane

A man can fight for hours even if he gets shot


Humans are a race of proud warriors who worship bloody gods such as rambo, schwarzenegger, etc.

The loss of a limb does not incapacitate a person: always destroy the head

Warning: people can find you even at night by smell or sound

Warning: people reproduce at a rate of 1 individual in year. immediately destroy the infection

A person's mouth contains at least 30 exposed bones and powerful jaw muscles

Human bites can be fatally infectious even to other people

Attention: a person can and will use improvised weapons. see information about the representative known as Jackie Chan

Seriously, humans have a number of advantages even over terrestrial species. Our endurance, ability to withstand shock, and ability to recover from injury are absurdly high compared to those of other animals. We say "healthy as a horse" to emphasize the strength of someone's health, but compared to a person, horses are fragile, like glass. There is evidence that our ancestors could hunt big game by simply chasing it at the speed of a walk, without sleep or rest, until the prey died of exhaustion; it's called starvation persecution. In general, the man is still a Terminator.

Do you know what is the only animal more or less able to compare with us in this? Dogs. That is why man tamed them and used them for hunting. And even for dogs, this applies only "more or less."

Now imagine all this in a galaxy where most sentient species did not evolve from hyper-specialized predator-pursuers:

• We can boast of incredible strength or speed, but we don't need be faster or stronger than you. It is enough for us to wait until you fall down exhausted and, in comparison with other species, a person does not get tired at all.

• Most species can die from a simple fracture of a limb, but a human is able to recover from almost any injury that does not kill him on the spot, even a traumatic amputation does not mean the end of a human career.

• We heal injuries at a tremendous rate, recovering in weeks from injuries that other species take months or years to heal. The consequences may not look very pretty, the person remains scarred, one of the features of our bodies that allows us to survive, but otherwise there are practically no problems.

Speaking of scars, look at our medicine. Surgery began to develop long before the advent of even primitive painkillers or life support systems. There are cases when, in a critical situation, people performed operations on themselves and remained alive. Thanks to our hardiness, we perceive as "routine medical procedures" what other species might mistake for sophisticated forms of murder. We even undergo radical surgery for purely cosmetic purposes.

We have learned to live with other animals and insects, limiting them in such a way that they do not interfere with us.

And, Lord, we can eat anything.

• We use hot pepper just to spice up food.

• We expose ourselves to potentially lethal solar radiation to darken our skin.

• We risk losing our hearing to see our favorite musicians live.

• We have a game in which two people go into a closed area and hit each other until the allotted time runs out or until one of them passes out.

• We voluntarily jump from planes with just a piece of cloth so we don't get smeared on the ground.

• In the event of natural disasters, we simply rebuild our homes in the same place where they were.

• We climb mountains at the risk of freezing to death just to show off.

• We invented dogs. They took a wild predator and turned it into a completely domestic animal.

• On a planet full of lions, bears and tigers, we have been able to evolve faster and stronger than any other species.

In other words, by cosmic standards, it is we who can turn out to be orcs. Klimgoms, krogams, orcs? We are tougher.