How zodiac signs kiss?

Find out which zodiac sign your soul mate belongs to so you know what the future holds for you! How do people kiss according to their zodiac sign?

A kiss can turn the head of even the most cold-blooded person! Did you know that representatives of different zodiac signs kiss differently? Surprisingly, the stars also exert their irresistible influence here. And if you are just in anticipation of the first kisses, specify which zodiac sign your counterpart belongs to in order to know what awaits you in the future!


Interestingly, representatives of this sign cannot be attributed to lovers and connoisseurs of kisses. Aries kiss only when they are in a good mood, and then they are ready to kiss even the first person they meet, unless, of course, they like him. Those born under this sign of the Zodiac are most passionate in kisses, although such kisses cannot be called very erotic. They are not very chaste, but lack tenderness and can even inadvertently hurt or leave marks.


Representatives of this sign kiss only those they know well. Very often, their kisses can become “on duty”, so they kiss a loved one when leaving or returning home, before going to bed and on other similar occasions, even if they had a fight shortly before. A loving Taurus has an affectionate, gentle and soft kiss. After such kisses, women feel confident and protected, and men, when they are kissed by a Taurus woman, forget about everything in the world.


Gemini seek variety in everything, even kissing. Those born under this sign kiss often, a lot, but don't really put their soul into it. Rather, it is a sign of gratitude and friendly disposition than an expression of tender feelings. But it is Gemini, more than other signs of the Zodiac, who masterfully master the technique of an erotic kiss and can sometimes amaze you with this ability.


Those born under the sign of Cancer prefer to be kissed. Their kisses are soft and loving. For representatives of this sign, they are rather a manifestation of emotional affection, care, rather than love, because in principle they do not accept kisses without warm feelings and, unlike Taurus, do not make kisses “on duty”. In case of offense, they withdraw into themselves, and renewed kisses mean complete forgiveness for them. Cancer kisses are not too filled with erotica, but they are truly affectionate.


Lovers of pleasure in all manifestations, born under the sign of Leo are deeply convinced that kisses should be sensual and passionate, therefore their kisses are very erotic. If Cancers are shy and never kiss in public, then there are no prohibitions for Leo: they even enjoy showing their feelings. But friendly, maternal kisses as a sign of gratitude, gratitude or disposition are almost unusual for this sign.


Those born under the sign of Virgo in kisses, as in the manifestation of feelings in general, are modest, reserved and prefer kissing with a marriage partner or with a loved one. They avoid publicity and all sorts of demonstrations. In general, Virgos in kisses are very picky and even take the last place among all the signs of the Zodiac in terms of the number of kisses. They will never, for any reason, kiss an unsympathetic, sloppy, person they don't like.


But those who were born under the sign of Libra are much better at kissing than other signs, they love to kiss and do not miss the opportunity to do it. Moreover, Libra masters the technique of kissing masterfully, and in terms of their number they are inferior only to Gemini. True, Libra's kisses are not too sensual, they are rather gentle and affectionate than passionate and erotic.


Representatives of this sign differ from all others in that with the help of a kiss they are able to convey the whole gamut of human feelings and experiences. Kissing, they show absolutely everything, from adoration, tenderness and gratitude to coldness and complete contempt. Those born under the sign of Scorpio kiss often and always passionately, but only with people they know well. If you are kissed by someone born under this sign, then his feelings are sincere and strong.


For Sagittarius, a kiss is rather a means of expressing their attitude (admiration, gratitude, appreciation, coming from the breadth of their immense soul), rather than sensual pleasure. Although their kisses are more often friendly, they know how to give them a fair amount of sensuality. And although those born under this sign are not very good at kissing, they love to kiss often and a lot.


But those who were born under the sign of Capricorn do not like to kiss and do it as rarely as possible. Even Capricorns try not to kiss children and parents. Capricorn in love is also not too passionate in kisses, never kisses in public. Yes, and his kisses are not distinguished by warmth and passion, rather, they are detached, as if by duty, by tradition.


The kisses of those born under the sign of Aquarius are difficult to classify as they are so varied. When kissing, Aquarius often does not distinguish between friends and loved ones, therefore, kisses both of them with the same feeling. But people born under this sign never give themselves up to feelings completely and do not allow passion to capture themselves, therefore their kisses are not too frequent, although you can find everything in it: from passion to affectionate tenderness.


Those born under the sign of Pisces also like to be kissed more than to be kissed themselves. By nature, Pisces tend to surrender to their feelings entirely, and therefore they expect something unusual from kisses. By kissing, representatives of this sign want to completely dissolve in their chosen one, since feelings are above all for them. But their kissing technique is not too high, and disappointments often lie in wait for them.