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How zodiac signs flirt when drunk

Zodiac signs behave differently when they get drunk. But almost always they begin to flirt more, flirt and seduce the people they like. The drunken organism requires love and intimacy with the opposite sex. How do zodiac signs flirt when drunk?

When people get to drink, the skazu become more direct and outspoken in their desires. What a smart man has in his mind, but a drunkard has in his tongue and in his actions. Men and women of the same zodiac sign behave in much the same way when drunk. What actions are taken and what do drunk people say?

How zodiac signs flirt when drinking

Drunk Aries

A tipsy Aries starts to be a bully, teases, teases and offends the interlocutor. Aries behaves like a small child who plays pranks. So he intends to attract the attention of the opposite sex, trying to stir it up.

Drunk Taurus

When the Taurus gets to drink, he starts actively hitting on the person he likes. Taurus pours exquisite compliments or stubbornly repeats the same one. A drunken calf says beautiful words to the opposite sex, hoping for reciprocity.

Drunk Twin

Geminis love to go wild when they're high. Geminis boldly tell dirty anecdotes and jokes. Sometimes ridiculous and very vulgar jokes. Make sexual and frank compliments on the verge.

Drunk Cancer

Cancer drinker begins to have poor control over his speech. He wants to flirt and confess his love, but the tongue does not listen to him well. As a result, cancer climbs to hug, kiss, or simply takes the hand.

Drunken lion

Lions always have a high opinion of themselves, and in moments of drunken intoxication they become boastful. Leos hint that they are good in bed and can deliver great pleasure. Lions can expose part of their body, behave provocatively and sexually.

Drunk girl

Drunk girl wants to hang out and love. Virgo drags a partner to dance with her or chooses karaoke. Virgo wants to walk in such a way that it is fun and sincere. This is such a language of seduction and flirting when both of you feel good.

Drunken scales

Drunken scales are fickle. They flirting play far-close. They roll up, seduce and say nice words, and then pull away and seem to run away. Drunk Libras may send candid selfies when drunk to generate interest.

Drunken Scorpion

Drunk scorpions are smart and positional. They talk about how good they are and how many would like to date them. Scorpios can flirt with other people to make them jealous.

Drunk Sagittarius

Drunk Sagittarius speaks beautiful words, flirts with ease and flirts wonderfully. In one moment, a drunken Sagittarius can go from beautiful words to an impulsive kiss, unexpected hugs or spontaneous confessions.

Drunk Capricorn

Drunk Capricorn starts to think worse, but acts more boldly. Capricorn easily rolls up to the person he likes, buys a drink and begins to flirt. A drunk Capricorn tries to be nice, but at the same time actively seduces and acts.

Drunk Aquarius

Aquarius, after drinking alcohol, prefers to be alone with the person he likes. In a calm environment, it is easier for a drunk Aquarius to speak heart to heart, touch on provocative topics, flirt vaguely and gently seduce.

Drunk fish

Even drunk fish are in no hurry to seduce the opposite sex. They talk about everything in the world, slightly touching and praising themselves. Drunk fish love to laugh, flirt discreetly, and flirt easily.

This is how zodiac signs flirt when drunk. Did you match?